Friday, August 5, 2011

What the toilet paper?!? in my bathroom?

What the FAUCET?!? 
...only the coolest idea EVER,  the AQUADUCK (it's a faucet extender) for any house with little hands.
No more lifting up little people trying to get their hands washed or teeth brushed and getting their whole arms soaked or needing a taller step stool, or just taller legs just to reach.
(this is our AQUA DUCK...and the stinky handsoap I bought, it smells so yucky to me, it's all natural but smells like pine trees, lime and cilantro to me)
(Toothbrushing party in the bathroom last night- jammies- yep!....toothbrushin party-time- yepperoonie!)
We love this out our house. The kids super love it, they love brushing their teeth and washing their hands with this!
I found it as some super cool and hip baby store in LA, and new it had to come home with us. I can not remember the name of the store at all, but I found the website for these, CLICK HERE IF YOU WANNA GET AN AQUADUCK TOO.
see here's  a picture showing how the Aquaduck works! Isn't this cool!?! It has a rubbery part with a slot that will fit onto any size faucet. Slip it on and just angle the Aquaduck to the perfect "waterfall" height and it's time to have fun washin' hands!

from my house to yours...
home sweet home and fresh baked cookies..kandee


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