Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOOK AT THIS! It's a hot rod for your kitchen!

These are hands down, the COOLEST Kitchen-Aid mixers- no, the coolest kitchen appliance period, that I've ever seen! Prepare for a list if the coolest mixers you've ever seen:
Yeah yeah, to know me, is to know my love of animal print things. Oh, just let your eyes take in that zebra mixer for me.
I could whip up a some fierce bowls of whipped cream with this leopard baby!

Need to "man-up" your kitchen, check out this bomber plane style, complete with pin-up girl!

Men custom paint their cars, bikes, choppers, helmets...why not your turn your cooking appliances..into a mixer worthy of showing off in all your pictures.
"Aunt sue, can you move over to your right, we can't get the mixer in the picture with you standing there..we need to have the mixer in all our pictures!


Just sayin", this may be the perfect gift for that wine lover in your life! I don't drink, but one of these babies is as close as I'd get to having wine in my kitchen! ha ha ha

You won't want to put your appliances away when they look like this!
Are you more of a classic, chic or girly girl? There is a mixer masterpiece for everyone! (I love that turquoise color!)

Even a "Katy Purry" edition with pink and pearl leopard spots!

 Please look at this little Pin-Up Doll that paints these bad boys:
Nicole Dinardo is the airbrushing master-artist, behind these Kitchen-Aid wonders. She is talented beyond belief. She had painted mixers, been talked about and sought after by some of tv's greatest food celebrities. Ever a Kardashian sister has sent her praises for her custom Kitchen-aid.

Check all her other Kitchen-Aid "hot-rods" here:

All I can say is: what would a "kandee kitchen-aid" look like!?!

wanting to bake something now.... your sweet-toothed, kandee


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