Saturday, August 27, 2011

and sometimes... couch looks like this on a friday night.
What the hay-bales is going on in this picture, you might ask?

No, don't be fooled what looks like the leftovers of a wild just a typical day of little people of mine "de-perfecting" the cushions on the couch.
-a my little pony doll (her name is Starshine) that sings a really fast "starshine version" of twinkle twinkle and a star on her belly lights up- the baby loves this, but it's real owner is Alani.

-a magazine, that I thought, I would have a free minute to look at...but the only looking I've done is when I looked at the couch and saw it was opened by a misplaced couch cushion.

-my blue baby sling that seems to make everyone think SHE is a boy....I don't even correct people anymore, "yep,  he sure is big alright".

-and the zebra pillow thing is my nursing baby pillow, it's by Luna Lullaby - the Bosom Baby Nursing pillow. This thing is 596,064 times better than a Boppy...Boppy's are too firm, puffy, weird shaped -it's like balancing a baby on a semi-soft log. This zebra pillow is the bees-knees for breastfeeding moms and it makes a nice back rest or cushion for baby to sit, just check out what I mean HERE.

Bonus: at dinner while I tried to hold a bouncing baby with one arm, I managed to spill salad dressing all over my pants, shirt and who knows where else.
I ate a cupcake for dessert.
Then tore up the town, er I mean the grocery store, jump to me scooping spoonfuls of watermelon out and typing this blog...
and that's my friday night.

"she's a bad mama-jama" in my head, love yo... kandee


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