Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grammy & the Baby

we went to visit Grammy, who's still stuck at an old people's home, where she is going through rehab before she can come home. She only has to be there a couple weeks, but it makes me so sad the other people have to stay and live there.

She loves seeing the baby and all the kids.

We ate with her, my sister polished her nails and put lipstick and blush on her....
I would have, but my arms were full of babies...so I just supervised! ha ha ha
"a little more on her lower lip"!

Alani told jokes to all the other people in there...Blake picked flowers and passed them out to everyone...
and everyone loved seeing the baby..even though most of them called her a "him" even though she was wearing ALL pink!...ha ha ha
"boy he's gonna be a big guy!".....ha ha ha

It breaks my heart seeing all the little old people so lonely... and hearing the one lady say, "It's no fun getting old"...you can still see their childlike spirits stuck in an old, broken down body.

I am so glad we made them laugh and smile, and you could see their hearts brighten up...

we laughed so hard with Grammy...she's hilarious...I wish when she leaves all the other would get to leave too! The one old lady asked if we could dig a whole in the wall so she could get out? ha ha
she was joking but it still made me sad!

What a gift a babies and children are...they bring love and laughter to everyone!
huge love....enjoy every minute of life while you can....huge kandee

Monday, May 30, 2011

this little face....

this little face was very awake all night long.....
the beginning of teething means less sleep than when they were newborns...

And somehow I am amazed that I am still awake...
when I would look at the clock and thought I fell asleep...but it had only been for 5 minutes!
ha ha ha ha

Just part of being a mama...
and somehow even though we were awake at 4:30...I loved every second of her little eyes looking at me!

tired eyes but a heart filled with love....
 your kandee

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Break-lunch!

me with a sleeping baby at breakfast/lunch after church...
some people call it brunch....but when I think of brunch I think of fancy expensive buffet spreads where people are carrying fancy drinks with strawberries as garnish...
 we ate a a diner style breakfast place...filled with adorable lil' old people and cute lil' ol' ladies with carefully styled hair and this one I liked in particular had red pants on and matching red heels...and a polka dot red shirt...
I had my favorite..waffles with butter and whipped cream!
So fun to be with my sister and her baby...fun to have all the cousins together!

off to spend the rest of the day with my sister....huge love and even bigger piles of whipped cream to go with your waffles...kandee

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Funny Faces & Teething Tricks

 Baby's new funny face....
cracks me up!
I'm pretty sure this is the "face of teething"....sucking in the bottom lip to put a little pressure on those gums!
Teething usually starts around 4-7 months 
*signs of teething:
*lots of drooling
*fusssier than normal (you'd be too, if your mouth hurt! ha ha)
*hard time sleeping (because of the pain)
*trying to bite or suck on things more than normal

* because of all the increased spit production...they can have a  little diarrhea from swallowing tons of saliva.
*they can run a slight fever
*they might will have a runny nose

TEETHING TRICK: you can get a washcloth, put some water on it, ring it out so it feels dry..and it feels great for them to bite on.

I also used Hyland's Homeopathic teething gel...no benzocaine, artificial dye, parabens in it.

My pediatrician warned against things like Anbesol, that numb the gums- he said they salivate (create spit) so much when they are drooling that the numbing agent will not adhere to the gums, and most times can cause babies to numb the throats as they swallow it, which has causes many babies to choke and even die.
And I bought one of these:

the LIFEFACTORY TEETHING RING-  ($6.99) A 100% silicone, teething ring- free of bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free. They are softer than all the hard things they label "teething toys" that just hurt babies gums even more. And you could wear it as a bracelet..ha ha ha!

making her funny face a big brother Blake...
SO... if your little one has been unhappier than normal...
*isn't sleeping like normal (which when you're a baby, it seems there isn't a normal...ha ha ha)
*is drooling like a little fountain
*trying to bite and/or suck on their fingers or hands (or maybe yours)
Get ready...It breaks my heart when they are teething...
and it takes months..so get ready to be extra lovey, cuddly, get a little less sleep, and have a freshly washed finger for them to bite on! (ha ha ha)

so if you have a little tooth-gardener...just snuggle them more, maybe put cooler clothes on them if they feel "fevery", and have lots of patience and understanding for all the pain your little baby is going through...

lots of hugs and teeth...your kandee

Friday, May 27, 2011

Messy Braids and Make-Overs

 Alani's fun messy braids...after a day at school and in the crazy wind..they got really messy! ha ha

I had the best day yesterday:
I love having my sister here...she has been at my house while I was gone, taking care of everything for me...and being with my Grammy, who is doing much better! (thank you for all your prayers!)

Yesterday me and my sister had the "funnest" time at the grocery store...she makes me laugh harder than anyone on the planet! She had me cracking up the whole time we were in the store...
I love her her so much...she seriously is one of the funniest people I know!
She saw these little fake nail kits and make-up that we had when we were little...I bought them for Alani and he little girl...

here's my hand with the TOTALLY realistic looking nails on! ha ha ha
Tiffany, my sister...baked brownies after our mexican feast for dinner!
My dream day...all my babies and my sister and her baby...so much fun and love!
We all had "fake" make-overs from Alani and Sydney (my neice, who's 2)! We all looked AMAZING!
sending you huge hugs and hands full of fake nails!
xoxo kandee

Thursday, May 26, 2011

sleeping babies and night favorites...

 the most beautiful and peaceful thing in the world...sleeping babies...
whether it's my 14 year old "giant first baby"....or the newest lil baby....they are  all adorable sleepers...
 this is part of our night time "gettin' cozy for bed" routine...
we love to read Five Little Monkeys  (we read this one first because it's a little funny), Swing (one of Blakey's favorite's), the The Very Hungry Caterpillar makes everyone really tired.
this book is Zoom City, it's another one of our favs!

And then everyone gets lots of hugs and kisses and we pray for good dreams and sleep...

but right now we all all awake and ready for the day!!
sweet days and sweet dreams when your head hits the pillow.....kandee

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I not only blog holding a baby....

Just a typical day with Shrek...
in Hollywood, in front of the Wax Museum...
we had to stop and take this picture as we were headed to CVS to buy some cheap lipgloss and baby supplies...before we started shooting for How Do I Look...
the Shrek was too funny!
And on our walk back....I had to stop to swashbuckle with Jack Sparrow! I do everything holding a baby.....type blogs fight off pirates! ha ha ha
hugs from me, Shrek and Jack Sparrow!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my favorite baby hair do's

the latest in baby hair do's...fresh off the runways of Paris...ha ha ha
featuring my baby model...Elyse! ha ha ha
and in this shot we went for more of a sleek look....
baby hair...and hugs, Kandee

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday on the streets of downtown LA

 where: downtown LA in between Main & Spring on 6th Street
out front of 2 really fun vintage stores...
one store had an old Mr. T and Vanilla Ice doll...
I had a photo shoot to do downtown...and after we went to peek in the vintage stores...with baby....
she's always in my arms....I'm gonna have the "buff-est" arms ever! hee hee
no place babies would rather be than in mama's arms anyway!

we did tons more today, but this mama is too tired to type it all now....
I gotta go finish uploading my new video to youtube...
huge hugs and love....your kandee

PS Cupcake is officially 4 months old today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Portraits of a beautiful day!

self portrait with baby via iphone
 walking on melrose with baby
 my favorite cotton muslin swaddle wrap blankies from aden & anais for Target
they are perfect for summer, keep baby and you cool and protected from the sun...
they are cheaper than the expensive ones you can get at "fancy" baby boutiques and they are exactly the same!
 me and lil pumkin, waiting in line at one of my fav places, Joan's on 3rd... (near the Beverly Center)
(she fell asleep while we were waiting...the line was taking really looooooooong)
I got Salad Trio: Taragon chicken salad, butternut squash salad, egg salad and couscous. So yumm-a-lumma-ding-dong!
OOOOOH! which just reminds me...we didn't eat our little cookies we got there too! they must still be hiding in my purse!
 cool artsy picture of me and lil cupcake (real name: Elyse) sitting outside waiting for our yummy "linner" (lunch and dinner)!

huge hugs and rays of sunshine from my heart to yours....kandee

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy day and a sleeping baby...

 snuzzling in our cozy blankey back at the hotel....after a long day of taxi rides, running errands, meeting miss usa....going to work to film in downtown LA (she fell fast asleep with the gentle breezes from the rooftop of the building we were filming at)...so different than when we're at home and don't go anywhere for days!

and shortly after getting cozier in our jammies....there is nothing more peaceful and just adorable than a sleeping baby....

huge huge hugs and lots of love from my heart to yours....kandee

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's a family affair..

 when: yesterday
where: on location for filming How Do I Look (please click here www.kandeej.com to see what crazy thing we rode on here...hilarious!)
who: me, baby, mom, and my aunt and cousin got to come too!
 my aunt carrie, me and little cupcake
Kim Vo (who is now family too! hee hee)...
Auntie helped be a "cupcake" holder while I was working...they walked her around and showed her all the fun things around where we were shooting....
I spent the whole drive there talking to baby in her carseat and showing her books of baby faces and making funny faces...so I have no idea what the drive there looked like!
Everyone was said, "we drove right through Pasadena..."
me: "I have no idea what we drove by...I was baby entertaining the whole drive!" ha ha ha

off to get ready for another day...of diaper changes and working...nothing better in the world...to bring  baby with me everywhere...
huge love my family...your kandee

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morning smiles....

this picture was taken just minutes ago...morning cupcake face!
oh this little dolly makes me smile so much....
there is nothing more amazing than being a mama!

we're off to get ready for another day of filming in a little bit..but we have to make a Target run to get some more baby supplies before we go....
huge hugs ...your kandee

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cupcake Laughing!

this was too cute! I had to share it with you guys...
nothing is cuter than a baby's laugh....
and here's my little Elyse (aka cupcake)....laughing at Nana's (my mom's) "funny" hair...
hope this makes you smile...
baby giggles....kandee and cupcake

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cupcakes in Capitol of Pennsylvania!

 It looks like Cupcake is waving! "and a big baby hello there from Pennsylvania!"
Me, Cupcake, and  the very beautiful Sandra (who had a really cool cupcake tattoo on her arm with carebears and lollipops too)....she touched my heart so much and I could feel all her love, even though we didn't get too much time to talk.... I wished I had so much time to talk to  everyone that came to the filming of the show (How Do I Look) in Harrisburg...
she drove for almost 10 hours to get to meet me....
I wish I had a big present to give her for that!!! (I hope you can feel the lifetime supply of love I am giving you!)
I loved that lil Cupcake (aka Elyse) got to be there...and that she has been a part of this...everyone has been so great...from hauling baby gear to thinking of how we can take baby with us everywhere!

God has blessed me so! I am so thankful!

huge huge huge love.....your kandee

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bring Baby to work day (s)!

Me and Baby in Pennsylvania yesterday...
with the best show I've ever worked on...the entire crew and cast of How Do I Look (on the Style channel) is amazing!

Producers got her a baby swing to use and had a crew member set it up yesterday on set. From having the other How Do I Look team, helping us carry baby things and push strollers through the airport...everyone is so amazing!

It looked stormy...but me and baby were so hot. I'm always hot. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for how cold I keep my hotel room, but me and baby are always hot!

Baby is napping and I have to go get ready for today....type more later!!!
huge hugs and lots of love, kandee

if you wanna see a little more from about my day in PA click here: www.kandeej.com

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Look who's pushing my stroller....

 where: Philadelphia Airport
why: just a pit stop to our next flight
who: me and elyse in this picture

 My favorite picture: Kim Vo, pushing the baby stroller, Jeannie Mai carrying me and mom's purses....we were officially the "traveling family" today! I love these guys...
me pushing cupcake with a last minute snack: hard boiled eggs, watermelon and a cheese danish (i was all healthy til the cheese danish part!"

off to type my other blog and go to bed to get up early for a day of working...sweet dreamies or sweet mornings...your kandee

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday in Florida

 Some people spend all day at the beach...
I got to spend the morning at the beach! It was perfect...I couldn't type my blog because blogspot was not working...and a group of people were heading to the beach...
so we had baby's first time on a beach! On the Gulf of Mexico...
 this was the only time she was in the sun! ha ha ha....We had an umbrella and big "cupcake" sun hat and a linen blanky to supershield her!

My heart soaked up every ounce of not being in my room all day like I normally am rocking babies and working away on my computer! What an incredible day it was, even if it wasn't all day long. My eyes rejoiced at seeing the soft, white sand that felt like I was walking on flour and the salt-tastic water in the Gulf of Mexico!
 where we had lunch....
 Baby in the shade!
 waiting for lunch..getting my left shoulder sunburned while I held baby in the shade on  my right!  By lunch time...we all had enough sun for the day!
and afterwards we stopped at Four Monkey's Candy Connection where they had the most delishy candies, from salted caramel malt balls to candies from all over the world I've never even heard of! And mom held a 5 pound Gummi Bear...she said "it feels just like a baby!" ha ha ha ha Mom is so funny!
official State of Florida trash can...
and now we bid Florida a big...byeeeeee! It was hot, beautiful and no wonder people look so young here with all the humidity!
Adios Florida...it's been toasty but the thermostat in my hotel room has been almost to freezing to keep me cool!
Tampa Bay Buccaneers...  kandee

Friday, May 13, 2011

Florida Baby...

 yesterday...as soon as we were done filming for the show I'm working on in Florida....baby was waiting for me to hold her!

 What a blessing this job has been, to get to work while being a mama is so great!

and what fun things we had to look at....crocodiles, water and even more crocodiles!
Off to pack up my make-up kit, because we are done in Florida! Off to the next stop!
huge love from Florida......your kandee

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby on Board

little Cupcake (real name: Elyse)...after we just landed in Florida...
we get a day off today before we start shooting tomorrow...and I  hope my make-up kit makes it here today! ha ha
Actually it's so HOT here...and I have no clothes for this kind of hot-ness (that would fit me anyway! ha ha)
we might need to find a store with a tank top or t-shirt! ha ha
huge love me on the east coast....Kand-east coast

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best job...working with my baby!

 (me holding Cupcake...talking to Kim Vo on set)

" as soon as Kandee has a split second she's not working....she's holding her baby!"
I love her and I am so blessed to be working with such a great crew....a producer even showed up with a baby swing for us to use today! And everyone on set loves Cupcake too!

we are sleepy...it was an awesome day...typing from bed, have a great day,  kandee


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