Friday, May 20, 2011

It's a family affair..

 when: yesterday
where: on location for filming How Do I Look (please click here to see what crazy thing we rode on here...hilarious!)
who: me, baby, mom, and my aunt and cousin got to come too!
 my aunt carrie, me and little cupcake
Kim Vo (who is now family too! hee hee)...
Auntie helped be a "cupcake" holder while I was working...they walked her around and showed her all the fun things around where we were shooting....
I spent the whole drive there talking to baby in her carseat and showing her books of baby faces and making funny I have no idea what the drive there looked like!
Everyone was said, "we drove right through Pasadena..."
me: "I have no idea what we drove by...I was baby entertaining the whole drive!" ha ha ha

off to get ready for another day...of diaper changes and working...nothing better in the bring  baby with me everywhere...
huge love my family...your kandee


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