Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cupcakes in Capitol of Pennsylvania!

 It looks like Cupcake is waving! "and a big baby hello there from Pennsylvania!"
Me, Cupcake, and  the very beautiful Sandra (who had a really cool cupcake tattoo on her arm with carebears and lollipops too)....she touched my heart so much and I could feel all her love, even though we didn't get too much time to talk.... I wished I had so much time to talk to  everyone that came to the filming of the show (How Do I Look) in Harrisburg...
she drove for almost 10 hours to get to meet me....
I wish I had a big present to give her for that!!! (I hope you can feel the lifetime supply of love I am giving you!)
I loved that lil Cupcake (aka Elyse) got to be there...and that she has been a part of this...everyone has been so great...from hauling baby gear to thinking of how we can take baby with us everywhere!

God has blessed me so! I am so thankful!

huge huge huge love.....your kandee


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