Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grammy & the Baby

we went to visit Grammy, who's still stuck at an old people's home, where she is going through rehab before she can come home. She only has to be there a couple weeks, but it makes me so sad the other people have to stay and live there.

She loves seeing the baby and all the kids.

We ate with her, my sister polished her nails and put lipstick and blush on her....
I would have, but my arms were full of babies...so I just supervised! ha ha ha
"a little more on her lower lip"!

Alani told jokes to all the other people in there...Blake picked flowers and passed them out to everyone...
and everyone loved seeing the baby..even though most of them called her a "him" even though she was wearing ALL pink!...ha ha ha
"boy he's gonna be a big guy!".....ha ha ha

It breaks my heart seeing all the little old people so lonely... and hearing the one lady say, "It's no fun getting old"...you can still see their childlike spirits stuck in an old, broken down body.

I am so glad we made them laugh and smile, and you could see their hearts brighten up...

we laughed so hard with Grammy...she's hilarious...I wish when she leaves all the other would get to leave too! The one old lady asked if we could dig a whole in the wall so she could get out? ha ha
she was joking but it still made me sad!

What a gift a babies and children are...they bring love and laughter to everyone!
huge love....enjoy every minute of life while you can....huge kandee


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