Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Party Fabulous!

Alani gave baby some "hat decorations" that she got from Grampa for her birthday!

Today is Alani's princess birthday party! We have lots to do so this will be a short post...more on her birthday party later! hooray birthday cake and ice cream!

Things I've done this morning:
took a shower
then Alani picked the outfit she wanted me to wear (wait til you see my awesome outfit!)
gave Alani a bath
then Blake had to go poop
gave Blakey a bath
then Cupcake needed a diaper change
gave Cupcake (aka Elyse) a bath
Blow dried Alani's hair
fixed her broken "princess" shoe
Hunted down the pair of pants Blakey really wants to wear, he did not like my choice for him
cereal is the breakfast of choice because we have lots to do today!

And we're off....
I'll post pics of my "Alani picked" outfit and party soon....

party hats, kandee


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