Friday, May 27, 2011

Messy Braids and Make-Overs

 Alani's fun messy braids...after a day at school and in the crazy wind..they got really messy! ha ha

I had the best day yesterday:
I love having my sister here...she has been at my house while I was gone, taking care of everything for me...and being with my Grammy, who is doing much better! (thank you for all your prayers!)

Yesterday me and my sister had the "funnest" time at the grocery store...she makes me laugh harder than anyone on the planet! She had me cracking up the whole time we were in the store...
I love her her so much...she seriously is one of the funniest people I know!
She saw these little fake nail kits and make-up that we had when we were little...I bought them for Alani and he little girl...

here's my hand with the TOTALLY realistic looking nails on! ha ha ha
Tiffany, my sister...baked brownies after our mexican feast for dinner!
My dream day...all my babies and my sister and her much fun and love!
We all had "fake" make-overs from Alani and Sydney (my neice, who's 2)! We all looked AMAZING!
sending you huge hugs and hands full of fake nails!
xoxo kandee


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