Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Lambs & my first workout!

 Little Cupcake in her little lamb swing...serious face
big happy face!

if you want to save lots of money on baby & kids can go to 
It's like for baby get emails with the daily deals for around 50% off baby & kids stuff from fancy strollers to clothes and baby gear!
(I just signed up yesterday...haven't bought anything on there yet, but when a good deal pops up on something that I need it will be awesome!)

first work out...monday (Jillian Michael's of the Biggest Loser) back & butt workout
*I did 15 minutes of the 20-some minute workout

(I was going for 100 of each)
did 75 jumping jacks
The kids all laughed at me while I did jumping jacks for some reason, even the baby!
100 ab crunches
75 pushups (on my knees) - my arms were shaking
40 Sumo squats (holding baby)
50 calf raises on a step 

I am so sore...I feel every muscle in my stomach and buttocks!
Far cry from when I ran 5 miles a day and would do 200 ab crunches with no pain the neck day...
I feel so much better already though!
And I didn't eat one cupcake yesterday!
(I did eat some of my Chocri Chocolate though! hee hee)

I think I'll do a "getting-in-shape" video...I'll post my other one with my hemp shake stuff on my bloggy-wog!

Have a grrrreat day....and have fun if you do some random jumping jacks and dance around today!


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