Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh My boobs!

Shhhhhhhh! Yes I said boobs alright!
I noticed in a picture that my friend, Tabitha posted...how much "new" cleavage I was showing off!

One bonus of being pregnant: you're new "preggy boobs", are like getting fake boobs, but they are yours! With this new added "boob-age", you realize how much you need a good bra!

Yes, when you're preg boobs can weigh in at 2-5 pounds a piece...you need some major boob support. And after having to deal with the size and weight of Dolly Parton like pregnant boobs for the 4th time now, I know that one of the best investments you'll make is in a good bra.

and then I say: "BRA-LLELUJAH!"

yes after being sick of strapping on over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, for what felt like the billionth time...I seriously did want to say "bra-llelujah!", when I strapped the girls into this baby!
NOTE: this is not a maternity bra...this is a regular boob bra! Yes, anyone can experience the joys of this amazingly comfy bra!!!!
I can NOT stand underwire bras while baby-cooking. The wire digs into your expanding ribcage, feels like its bruising your ribs, and feels like it's restricting your breathing! Spanx serves up a luscious bra, sans wires! Like driving a fancy luxurious car, it felt like my boobs where in the cooshy, BMW or Mercedez of bras!

Needless to say, knowing how badly you need to support your ever-growing bosoms during pregnancy...and this bra is for those who aren't cooking a cupcake in their oven too!

What SPANXS has done for butts and bellies...they've now done for boobies! Yes, get your best looking breasts and say "Bra-llelujah!"
This bra is so comfy, doesn't squeeze out any back-fat, it is so comfy I can't believe it! Yes the price of $62 kinda made me scared, BUT seeing how much the others were causing me pain....I felt even if I wear this for the next 4-5 months that only about 40 cents a day....which I'll gladly pay for bra comfort like this!

CLICK this here to see what makes me and others say: BRA-LLELUJAH!!!!

so from me and my bra-llelujah.....your friend kandee

I feel....awful!

Hi friends!!!
I look awful. I feel awful. I finally fell asleep at 7am after drinking water every 5 minutes because my throat hurt so bad.

Checklist of what hurts:

and that's about all...And since I'm baking my cupcake, I can't take any medicine. So I'll just drink some more water and smell some more menthol-scented tigerbalm!

 I have a list almost as long as Santa's present list, of things I need to do today. Glaminar in Atlanta is coming up and I haven't checked my emails in 2 days...yay 603,493 unread messages! ha ha ha

Off to drink more water, try to stay awake at my computer, and hopefully watch a movie and just relax.

huge love and hope you all are well!!!! love and water....kandee

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Belly & Me in Houston Airport

What do we have here?
We have me....who is feeling really not very good...
sore throat, stuffy nose, ears, eyes and my head hurts...I pretty much feel like..yuck! Not to mention the second I stepped out of the car at the airport I thought I was gonna pass out...(I'm doin' good! ha ha ha)
 Hot water, lemon and honey...is my drink of choice.

Yay! Here's my lil' cupcake-belly...Finally I think people can tell I am pregnant and not just growing a big "root" beer belly! (If you didn't know I was preggly, click here to read my official announcement!)

I feel so not good, and am not really looking forward to all the cabin pressure on my already pressurized head! But I'll get to see all my little babies soon! Oh how I miss them!!!!

All I can say, as much positive thinking as I've been trying to have about not being sick.....I feel like poop. I wish I was just all cozy on my couch watching an old movie, with yummy "cold" food and tea, and cozy things. But instead I am typing this at a super tall table at a Sports kinda hamburger place, with lots of carry-on bags all around! ha ha ha ha

I love ya'll (I told you I was bringing "ya'll" back as souvenir with me, I love it! It makes everything sound cute!)...I love Texas too!

Longhorns and hot tea....your kandee and her cupcake

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Cupcake in the OVEN!

I'm sure you've all read my announcement letter on my other blog....CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T,
but here is my first "cupcake in the oven" (I love that...my friend Tabitha told me that!!!) picture....
location: Hotel Allegro- Chicago (almost 5 months)....now we're 2 weeks later, but no new "belly" picture yet.

I am so honored to have all the outpouring of love and support from everyone! I truly can't believe it! I am so blessed to have all of you to share love with! You truly are all my love bugs!

I am so excited about this baby!!! I am so excited to share it all with you too!

I must sleep because it's a big GLAMINAR day in Houston tomorrow. I've already met a few of the girls downstairs in the Hyatt  lobby, and it's so fun to feel all the excitement!

Thank you all for being so amazing!!! I love you all....and I'm sure little baby feels all the love that mama feels! huge love from kandee and her little cooking cupcake

Friday, August 27, 2010


This is what I look like if you were sitting next to me on the plane, right where my mom was sitting taking this picture. 

QUESTIONS I'm sure I will get:
did you where that cowboy-ish shirt because you were going to Texas?
NO...I just like this shirt and I just got it a Old Navy and was excited to wear it. It was pure coincidence if people said, "oh look she dressed like a farm girl for Texas"

what kind of headphone are you wearing?
Aerial headphones....I like their "candy colored-ness"

have you been to Texas before?
that's a big No ya'll

are you done asking yourself questions?
yes ma'am

here is me:
broken computer bag (my new LUG one didn't arrive yet)
leopard print neck pillow that is way too poofy
My trusty ZUCA bag with all my make-up treasure, oh but did I mention my personal make-up bag is missing.....it seems to have vanished!
Yes this is what I look like after a day of flying, 2 legs of the flight...and lots of hot weather! ha ha

I am tired....I miss my little love bugs so much! I just looked at their pictures in my phone at dinner and talked with my mom about all the cute things they do!

I am tired, and I have some emergency issues for the Glaminar that I have to deal with early in the morning. I was prepared for something to wrong...then I just gotta find a solution!

FUN SPARKLES IN OUR DAY: the hotel gave us coupons for 2 free desserts at this yummy Mexican place called Guadalajara. We had the best Tres Leche Cake I've ever had and the best Sopapillas I've ever tasted. We were so full form our dinners we could barely take a few bites! And I wish I could've made my grandparents proud...my Grandma Barbara (my dad's mom) and my Grandpa Guy (my mom's dad who's Danish)...they both believe that you should eat your dessert first! ha ha ha ha

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is ready to be lived to the fullest!!!"

huge love from Houston, your Kandee girl

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best FAKE Crepes you've ever had!

What to do with all the left over pancake batter form the "World's Best Pancake Recipe" I just shared with you a few says ago.....
Now I know this is not a REAL crepe recipe...but these will make you the best faux crepes you've ever had!
take your pancake batter from my "World's Best Pancake Recipe"
Add enough milk that the batter becomes a little runny, like the consistency of a milkshake
Get your griddle or pan warmed up
Put about a 1/2 a Tablespoon of butter int he pan each time you pour the batter
(so they are nice and crispy and buttery)
Cook til golden brown (the slower the better)
Then I put a little more butter on top and finish with a dusting 
OR a full on "snow storm" of powdered sugar or real maple syrup

Oh my yum-tastic!
It may not be a crepe stand in paris, but if you close your eyes, you can imagine it right in your kitchen!
My little ones at up 2 plate fulls of my "fake-crepes"!

 and one of my most favorite things in the whole world....little chubby baby hands! Well, my Blaker really isn't a baby, he's my baby...but his little 2 year old hands are my favorite!
He is wearing his cuddly footy pajamas with the dump trucks on them, and a Lighting McQueen (from the movie Cars) race car band-aid!
After Jordan and Alani had both been safely delivered to school....me and Blaker had an afternoon picnic on the bed...we ate pita chips and hummus...well, he really just wanted to scoop the hummus out and feed it to me! ha ha ha ha
So I consumed an entire little tub of hummus so he could feed me! ha ha ha He thought it was hilarious for some reason, and when I was done laughing so hard, I realized I had eaten the whole thing!
He melts my heart and when he wakes up, and I say, "there's my sunshine!"....his whole face lights up....I open my arms and he runs and jumps in my lap...and I tell him how much I love him!
I cherish these days so much...I don't even want to think about him going to school yet...
I love my babies so much... it makes me want to cry sometimes...I pray for them and for me to guide their little hearts and inspire and protect them....
and now I shall wish that I had a perfume that smelled of buttery crepes sizzling in the pan!
huge love and crepe-fakery, kandee

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Freedom

this is not the latest trend walking down the sidewalks of Milan...but maybe someday.
After much attempted persuasion, on my part, for Alani to wear the cute, matching grey leggings that went with this top...her "bold" fashion sense and insistence upon wearing the electric green skirt with the pink and teal plaid shirt won...and here you see her walking to the car to leave for Kindergarten!

As I sat for a second thinking, "but we bought all these cute outfits that she will never want to wear now"....I realized that if her little heart loves this neon-ish skirt with a pastel plaid shirt, then her little fashion heart is shining, and who am I to say it doesn't look right. But she felt like a high fashion queen on her outfit.

I remember when Jordan was little, about 6 (and I can't find it anywhere) and he had school pictures. I had an outfit I wanted him to wear for his "fancy" school pictures...but he HAD OTHER PLANS!
HE wanted to wear this polyester shirt with flames on the collar that his older cousin had given him, with a visor and a beaded wooden necklace I had made him.
I look back at that picture now, and rejoice in his little fashion choice, nothing captures his little mind at that time, than to see him beaming from his little outfit he proudly made!

I remember wearing my silly stylings when I was little, my choice to always roll my socks down like donuts around my little legs, or to wear my headbands with side ponytail or to wear to always roll up my sleeves, or wear my white studded cowboy boots or gold snakeskin penny-loafers...I am so glad my mom always allowed me to dress in my own creative way. I think it has helped make me who I am today...someone that is confident, I don't ever care what people think of how I dress, or if they make fun of something I 'm wearing. I am free to dress however I want....if it's crazy leggings, a neon pink tutu, zebra print cowboy boots and a vintage shirt I cut myself with socks on my wrists.....I am free to dress however I want, whatever my little heart desires.

So if you're lil one wants to wear one camouflage shoe and one black slip on sneaker, like my little Blake did today....say "okay sweeetheart, you look great!" And proudly walk with them where ever you go. As my lil Blaker wandered down the sidewalk in his 2 different shoes, I smiles and beamed with his little sense of fashion and his what looked good to his little 2 year old heart!

I love my babies...and all their fashion choices....
hey if you remember Punky Brewster, she was all about nothing matching!
love and fashion freedom, kandee

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Betty Crocker & Me

6am - wake up
My morning looked something like this - (in no particular order)
put footsie jammies on Blake so he would be warm in the early car ride to Jordan's school....when he saw them he asked me..."me going to seep (sleep)?!?"....right after he just woke up! ha ha ha

We drive Jordan who just wants to eat cereal to school.

I decide that pancakes sound yummy. So I bust out the antique Betty Crocker cookbook, so old that the cover isn't even attached, I think this cookbook is at least as old as me. I remember my mom using it when I was little!
There is the best pancake recipe in here...and my trick is: I only use half the backing powder so they come out more like crepes! Yumzie!
Here's my modified,
beat 1 egg til fluffy
add 1 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
and 1 cup of flour
2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil (I used Canola Oil, it's all I had!) or melted butter
mix together and cook on a hot buttered griddle or pan

then I pour real Organic Maple Syrup....oh my!!!

I love the smell of butter cooking...and as I prepared, buttered, cut, syrup-ed, and put their pancakes on colorful little plates....I thought of all the love that I put into making this breakfast for my little babies...and I thought what a blessing it is that I get to make them "breakfast memories" of mama making them pancakes, and how that smell of buttery pancakes cooking will always remind them of this....and their mama that loves them!

I sat yesterday trying to work on my computer on the bed, while Blakey was resting, trying to fall asleep, and he said, "Mama, me yuv (love) you!".....and stretched my arms open huge and said "I love you so much my arms can't even be big enough to show you!".....he laughed and curled up in my arms...it was the best feeling in the world.

Since my list of things to do today is about 143,473 things long.....I better get moseying... huge love and buttery pancakes....your kandee

Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to KANDEELAND!!!

I am so excited to have this blogsy again...this will:
document my personal side of life
my adventures with my babies
and all that I do with work and life....

things I can't show:
Due to my ex-husband's request, and I want to respect his concerns, to not show any pictures of the kids... I can show them from far away, and can't show their up close faces...my older son Jordan, is free from all "picture" rules and I can show off his handsome face all that I want.
I took my other blog "adventures in kandeeland" down because it had pics of the kids. And  this is the a shorter name anyway! ha ha ha

So here' s my first official post....As I type waiting for my sleeping kindergarten-er to wake up, I type this as my little man is curled up on the couch watching his favorite morning cartoon...ans Jordan in all his afro-glory has been delivered to school via my limo-service AKA my black Tahoe...

this was my princess last week for her first day of school!!!
Hello Kitty Backpack #1:
we learned the first day at orientation, that this backpack (from the Hello Kitty store) would be too small....we then headed to Target to by Hello Kitty Backpack #2 (bigger and maybe not better, but bigger)

well this is my little prince...as he sat through her orientation!
Hello Kitty Backpack #2
And my lil princess walking to her clasroom...she said her favorite part was PE!

Here's my princess Alani with the "treasure box we made out of a shoe box for her reading books..we went to the craft store to buy the sparkly letters, tiara jewel sticker, and pink gingham wrapping paper...at least I had a shoe box at home!
And just you know, yes, we both have matching ZEBRA print leggings from American Apparel! i love her little ones though!!!

The next day as I drove listening to the BIG BAND SWING station on Pandora in my car, Blakey said, "me yike (like) this music."....and then he fell asleep....
Now he fell asleep on the couch.....that's what happens when you wake up at 6am to take your older brother to school!
I'm gonna go try to make calls while everyone's alseep and it's quiet...to try to find a NYC event space for the Glaminar...it's crazy, crazy, expensive there...like 10 times more than what I have a budget for!

Then I shall put m y driver hat back on, and deliver my princess to kindergarten!

Yay! Welcom back to kandeeland everyone....you now have a bonus land to escape to!!!
huge love and happy monday!!!!! your kandee


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