Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to KANDEELAND!!!

I am so excited to have this blogsy again...this will:
document my personal side of life
my adventures with my babies
and all that I do with work and life....

things I can't show:
Due to my ex-husband's request, and I want to respect his concerns, to not show any pictures of the kids... I can show them from far away, and can't show their up close older son Jordan, is free from all "picture" rules and I can show off his handsome face all that I want.
I took my other blog "adventures in kandeeland" down because it had pics of the kids. And  this is the a shorter name anyway! ha ha ha

So here' s my first official post....As I type waiting for my sleeping kindergarten-er to wake up, I type this as my little man is curled up on the couch watching his favorite morning cartoon...ans Jordan in all his afro-glory has been delivered to school via my limo-service AKA my black Tahoe...

this was my princess last week for her first day of school!!!
Hello Kitty Backpack #1:
we learned the first day at orientation, that this backpack (from the Hello Kitty store) would be too small....we then headed to Target to by Hello Kitty Backpack #2 (bigger and maybe not better, but bigger)

well this is my little he sat through her orientation!
Hello Kitty Backpack #2
And my lil princess walking to her clasroom...she said her favorite part was PE!

Here's my princess Alani with the "treasure box we made out of a shoe box for her reading books..we went to the craft store to buy the sparkly letters, tiara jewel sticker, and pink gingham wrapping least I had a shoe box at home!
And just you know, yes, we both have matching ZEBRA print leggings from American Apparel! i love her little ones though!!!

The next day as I drove listening to the BIG BAND SWING station on Pandora in my car, Blakey said, "me yike (like) this music."....and then he fell asleep....
Now he fell asleep on the couch.....that's what happens when you wake up at 6am to take your older brother to school!
I'm gonna go try to make calls while everyone's alseep and it's try to find a NYC event space for the's crazy, crazy, expensive 10 times more than what I have a budget for!

Then I shall put m y driver hat back on, and deliver my princess to kindergarten!

Yay! Welcom back to kandeeland now have a bonus land to escape to!!!
huge love and happy monday!!!!! your kandee


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