Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh My boobs!

Shhhhhhhh! Yes I said boobs alright!
I noticed in a picture that my friend, Tabitha posted...how much "new" cleavage I was showing off!

One bonus of being pregnant: you're new "preggy boobs", are like getting fake boobs, but they are yours! With this new added "boob-age", you realize how much you need a good bra!

Yes, when you're preg boobs can weigh in at 2-5 pounds a piece...you need some major boob support. And after having to deal with the size and weight of Dolly Parton like pregnant boobs for the 4th time now, I know that one of the best investments you'll make is in a good bra.

and then I say: "BRA-LLELUJAH!"

yes after being sick of strapping on over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, for what felt like the billionth time...I seriously did want to say "bra-llelujah!", when I strapped the girls into this baby!
NOTE: this is not a maternity bra...this is a regular boob bra! Yes, anyone can experience the joys of this amazingly comfy bra!!!!
I can NOT stand underwire bras while baby-cooking. The wire digs into your expanding ribcage, feels like its bruising your ribs, and feels like it's restricting your breathing! Spanx serves up a luscious bra, sans wires! Like driving a fancy luxurious car, it felt like my boobs where in the cooshy, BMW or Mercedez of bras!

Needless to say, knowing how badly you need to support your ever-growing bosoms during pregnancy...and this bra is for those who aren't cooking a cupcake in their oven too!

What SPANXS has done for butts and bellies...they've now done for boobies! Yes, get your best looking breasts and say "Bra-llelujah!"
This bra is so comfy, doesn't squeeze out any back-fat, it is so comfy I can't believe it! Yes the price of $62 kinda made me scared, BUT seeing how much the others were causing me pain....I felt even if I wear this for the next 4-5 months that only about 40 cents a day....which I'll gladly pay for bra comfort like this!

CLICK this here to see what makes me and others say: BRA-LLELUJAH!!!!

so from me and my bra-llelujah.....your friend kandee


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