Friday, August 27, 2010


This is what I look like if you were sitting next to me on the plane, right where my mom was sitting taking this picture. 

QUESTIONS I'm sure I will get:
did you where that cowboy-ish shirt because you were going to Texas?
NO...I just like this shirt and I just got it a Old Navy and was excited to wear it. It was pure coincidence if people said, "oh look she dressed like a farm girl for Texas"

what kind of headphone are you wearing?
Aerial headphones....I like their "candy colored-ness"

have you been to Texas before?
that's a big No ya'll

are you done asking yourself questions?
yes ma'am

here is me:
broken computer bag (my new LUG one didn't arrive yet)
leopard print neck pillow that is way too poofy
My trusty ZUCA bag with all my make-up treasure, oh but did I mention my personal make-up bag is seems to have vanished!
Yes this is what I look like after a day of flying, 2 legs of the flight...and lots of hot weather! ha ha

I am tired....I miss my little love bugs so much! I just looked at their pictures in my phone at dinner and talked with my mom about all the cute things they do!

I am tired, and I have some emergency issues for the Glaminar that I have to deal with early in the morning. I was prepared for something to wrong...then I just gotta find a solution!

FUN SPARKLES IN OUR DAY: the hotel gave us coupons for 2 free desserts at this yummy Mexican place called Guadalajara. We had the best Tres Leche Cake I've ever had and the best Sopapillas I've ever tasted. We were so full form our dinners we could barely take a few bites! And I wish I could've made my grandparents Grandma Barbara (my dad's mom) and my Grandpa Guy (my mom's dad who's Danish)...they both believe that you should eat your dessert first! ha ha ha ha

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is ready to be lived to the fullest!!!"

huge love from Houston, your Kandee girl


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