Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I wanna live here and imagine these things:

I was driving the other day and drove past the welcoming I looked at it, it felt like the trees neatly lines up on each side of the driveway, with a canopy-tunnel of trees...seemed to say:
"it's cozy down this way"... I pulled over and took a picture so I could remember and show you guys what it looked like. (may this be a vacation and escape for your imagination too!)

I imagined strolling down the road with the kids on their bikes, baby snug in her sling on mama, watching the sun twinkle and dance through the leaves as we'd walk down the road in the afternoon. I imagined the sweet welcoming, peaceful feeling that just looking at this picture gives me.

I want to follow this road and smell fresh baked cookies.

I want to string twinkly lights in all the trees at Christmas.
I  imagine my cozy home, where I would have my front door painted red. I've always wanted a red front door.
I would imagine me going for walks with the kids on saturday mornings, with a mug of yummy tea in hand as we took in all the beauty.

How lovely this would be to have this view as your driveway. I would love this road. I do love this road, even if I never get to drive down it.

My imagination will drive down the road, and see, we even already went for a walk down in, with a mug of tea!

mugs of yummy tea and a walk down a beautiful road... your friend, dreaming of red front doors, kandee

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOOK AT THIS! It's a hot rod for your kitchen!

These are hands down, the COOLEST Kitchen-Aid mixers- no, the coolest kitchen appliance period, that I've ever seen! Prepare for a list if the coolest mixers you've ever seen:
Yeah yeah, to know me, is to know my love of animal print things. Oh, just let your eyes take in that zebra mixer for me.
I could whip up a some fierce bowls of whipped cream with this leopard baby!

Need to "man-up" your kitchen, check out this bomber plane style, complete with pin-up girl!

Men custom paint their cars, bikes, choppers, helmets...why not your turn your cooking appliances..into a mixer worthy of showing off in all your pictures.
"Aunt sue, can you move over to your right, we can't get the mixer in the picture with you standing there..we need to have the mixer in all our pictures!


Just sayin", this may be the perfect gift for that wine lover in your life! I don't drink, but one of these babies is as close as I'd get to having wine in my kitchen! ha ha ha

You won't want to put your appliances away when they look like this!
Are you more of a classic, chic or girly girl? There is a mixer masterpiece for everyone! (I love that turquoise color!)

Even a "Katy Purry" edition with pink and pearl leopard spots!

 Please look at this little Pin-Up Doll that paints these bad boys:
Nicole Dinardo is the airbrushing master-artist, behind these Kitchen-Aid wonders. She is talented beyond belief. She had painted mixers, been talked about and sought after by some of tv's greatest food celebrities. Ever a Kardashian sister has sent her praises for her custom Kitchen-aid.

Check all her other Kitchen-Aid "hot-rods" here:

All I can say is: what would a "kandee kitchen-aid" look like!?!

wanting to bake something now.... your sweet-toothed, kandee

Monday, August 29, 2011

baby showers and bows...

where: baby shower saturday
what: my favorite new face that Ellie Bellie makes
she is wearin':
Outfit from Tarjay (aka target)

*this face cracks me up!

Baby, precious preggy friend, Teresa and my mama in the pretty, green, country backyard which was decorated with little glass vases on white tables, sprinkled all over a grassy backyard with light sparkling through the trees.
baby making my 2nd favorite face...and my mama right before we dished up some yummy plates of salad, strawberries and this yummy cream cheese-marshmallow cream dip, little quiches and some yummy orzo pasta.
My favorite thing in the world...holding and watching my lil ones. I just want to cherish every second of Ellie's babyness...because this baby time only lasts months...then they are big and you always miss holding them as babies.

and thankfully we didn't play any of those baby shower games like...guess which candy bar is melted in a diaper to look like poop OR
my "all-time NOT favorite"...guess which flavor baby food this is- yeah, no wonder babies don't like  canned baby food (ok, I did try some organic kind that is actually tasty) each flavor tastes gross.
I'll be happy if I never play one of those games ever again.

sending thoughts of green, grassy, garden backyards and pink lemonade to your day, kandee

Saturday, August 27, 2011

and sometimes... couch looks like this on a friday night.
What the hay-bales is going on in this picture, you might ask?

No, don't be fooled what looks like the leftovers of a wild just a typical day of little people of mine "de-perfecting" the cushions on the couch.
-a my little pony doll (her name is Starshine) that sings a really fast "starshine version" of twinkle twinkle and a star on her belly lights up- the baby loves this, but it's real owner is Alani.

-a magazine, that I thought, I would have a free minute to look at...but the only looking I've done is when I looked at the couch and saw it was opened by a misplaced couch cushion.

-my blue baby sling that seems to make everyone think SHE is a boy....I don't even correct people anymore, "yep,  he sure is big alright".

-and the zebra pillow thing is my nursing baby pillow, it's by Luna Lullaby - the Bosom Baby Nursing pillow. This thing is 596,064 times better than a Boppy...Boppy's are too firm, puffy, weird shaped -it's like balancing a baby on a semi-soft log. This zebra pillow is the bees-knees for breastfeeding moms and it makes a nice back rest or cushion for baby to sit, just check out what I mean HERE.

Bonus: at dinner while I tried to hold a bouncing baby with one arm, I managed to spill salad dressing all over my pants, shirt and who knows where else.
I ate a cupcake for dessert.
Then tore up the town, er I mean the grocery store, jump to me scooping spoonfuls of watermelon out and typing this blog...
and that's my friday night.

"she's a bad mama-jama" in my head, love yo... kandee

Friday, August 26, 2011

Things to make you happy on friday: (aka what's in my iphone)

 this is/was my week, according the diary of photo called: "what I took pictures of these with my iphone"...

1. first we have miss alani, who dressed herself, complete with accessories and her most requested hair-do ever..which we call the "Palm Tree". (yes that is a princess tent in the background and Alani's collection of goodies on the chair)
 2. pictures of Ellie Bellie Boo Bear (no that's not the name on her birth certificate)...lots of pictures of my babies, but this post would be way to long if I put all the pictures I took of them this week.
 3. Frozen yogurt has long been a love of mine, way before there was a frozen yogurt shop almost next to ever Starbucks you see. I went crazy and got the Pistachio - it used to be one of my favorite flavors as a kid...this was not the same. But I always go for the rainbow sprinkles! The tahitian vanilla flavor was the favored winner for my tastebuds. Pistachio was more like poop-stachio..ok, no I don't know what poop tastes like but it sounded funny.
 4. Giant sunglasses in Target- sometimes I' have loved the giant things hanging in Target so much, that I'm almost, sort of, thinking about, being brave enough to ask someone what they do with them when they are done...and what I would need to do to see if I could have them! Giant hello kitty all I'm sayin'!
5. Brownie batter being poured and ready to hang out in the heat of the oven to be a treat! I only got to sample a bite or two...the rest were devoured by everyone other than me...which is fine. With my sweet tooth, I could easily polish off a whole sheet of brownies- but that would not be good!

happy friday...hope this was a fun vacation from your day, huge hugs and pans of brownies....
i love you more than friday!!! kandee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You know you're tired when:

1. You can't find your mascara anywhere....until you brush your teeth and realize you put your mascara away with your toothbrush.

Ok, maybe I should've named this post: "you know you're  tired, because you have a baby, and don't remember what it's like to sleep"
If you have a baby, or more than one baby, you know what I'm talking about. People will say, "oh, I'm so tired", and you look at them, with the 1.5 hours you slept the night before and more rings than a jewelry store under your eyes, and think, "are you sure you're tired, because I can tell you a tale of tiredness, that will make you tired."

Having a baby, if you are not prepared for the sleeplessness, will make you exhausted beyond exhausted. If they are "colicky" and you spend 90% of your night walking, bouncing, dancing, singing your baby back to sleep (hopefully), or you baby is teething and all previous sleeping patterns are gone and out the window. Or you have toddlers that wake up during the night...or even older ones that can't sleep, had a bad dream, or are sick, let me just tell you...eventually you will sleep through the night.

Until then...I cherish each moment (even if they are waking up every 15 minutes)...because one day I will sleep al the way from the time I go to sleep until I wake up in the morning and I will miss those little eyes looking at me with love, knowing that I can make everything better for them. The world is a cruel place and someday I won't be able to make everything better for them. But until then, I can hug, cuddle, sing, rock, bounce, and pour every ounce of "it's-okay-ness" and comfort into their hearts.

Sleepless but full of love....kandee

please feel free to pass this along to any and all tired mamma's you know to let em''s ok, you're not alone (even in the middle of the night when you think you're the only one up nursing, cleaning a pee soaked bed, or dancing a sleepless baby to sleep, or wondering if you'll ever sleep).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You oughta' smell my kitchen!

 this is my kitchen's new addiction...yes I know, kitchen's don't have addictions! Well,
 when somethin' smells this good, they will!
I bought Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop spray & the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish soap in BASIL scent...and who knew BASIL scent would smell so good! It smells like some delicious smelling person just walked through my kitchen leaving a heavenly aroma behind. I have never wanted to smell like a cleaning product, until now. They need to sell this as perfume.
And it's all natural and doesn't have any of this junk in it:
ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates or petroleum distillates.
and it's animal cruelty free and doesn't contain one iota of an animal by-product ingredient!
 I even got my laundry in on the action: I also bought the BASIL fabric softener from Mrs. Meyer's too! (I got my Mrs. Meyer's cleaner and dish soap at Target and I think I've even seen it at Walmart. But I got my fabric softener at Whole Foods.) If you want to give your kitchen or laundry room a new delicious-calorie-free addiction, you can order it here: 
(they have even more yummy scents I want to try and they have candles!)

Oh and don't forget the most right little guy in the picture:
my J.R. Watkins Orange Citrus Hand Soap (I got it at Target)...
this smell like a dreamy afternoon and the packaging is so adorable, vintage and chic...
it looks like it came out a beautiful bathroom or kitchen in a french chateau.
I bought one for my bathroom too.
And J.R. Watkins has none of this stuff:

  • Ammonia

  • Animal Ingredient

  • Benzene

  • Bleach

  • Boron

  • Butyl/Ethyl Cellosolv

  • Diethylene Ether

  • Dye

  • Formaldehyde

  • Isopropanol

  • Kerosene

  • Mineral Spirit

  • Paraben

  • Petrochemical

  • Phosphate

  • Phosphoric Acid

  • Phthalate

  • Propylene Glycol

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  • Sulfuric Acid

Next up....I am slightly germa-phobey. They find poop on doorhandles and shopping carts is all I'm sayin'!
May I introduce you to the natural anti-bacterial, Clean Well, which has no triclosan! I have stopped using all my "anti-bacterial" anything with Triclosan, because Triclosan is what's called an endocrine disruptor, and may interfere with the normal functioning of your thyroid hormone and estrogen. There's more, but after all this post wasn't about the "dangers of triclosan", it was about my yummy smelling kitchen cleanin' treats!
 this is my little glass soap dispenser that I love, got it at Target in the bathroom section...and my ORANGE VANILLA All-Natural Antibacterial soap. (they're paraben free, animal cruelty free and all that good stuff too!)
So if you're ready to give your kitchen an all-natural make-over and make it smell wildly delicious...go and treat your nose and your health to these...and we our kitchens will smell the same!
And in case you were wondering what I cooked up for dinner last night:
My mistake-turned-delicious recipe: "Would you like some veggies with that: Turkey Meatballs", they are delish, even my most picky Jordan and Blakey devoured them, and Alani asked for seconds!

And my yummy Mashed Butter Butternut Squash and to be like Bugs Bunny, everyone got a huge carrot on their plate! ha ha ha

Maybe I'll have to do a youtube video on my recipes.

And last but not least...
#1. Come watch me ride my "dooder" (scooter).

#2. "but I yuv (love) mud"...when I asked Blakey not to play in the mud while I washed the porch off from all the mud he had place in a nice, little dirt pile right when you open the front door. We used our new soap to help "de-mud" Blakey's arms and hands.

And now you've got the squeaky clean scoop on all natural, animal cruelty free, eco friendly and deliciously scented cleaning products and soap!

sparkling clean hands and shiny kitchen counter tops....kandee

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Braids

We like braids around here. We like to get creative with braids. I am not that great at French Braids or complicated braided hairstyles.
 Alani helped create this look. She said she likes to push her hair behind her ears, so she wanted me to get the hair-behind-the-ears-effect (meaning hair out of the face area) with our braid design. And this is what we did. Braided the top-side section, braided the two side pieces and connected them all with one rubberband. Voila..inst-back-to-school-braids!
and then we pondered covering all that braid work up with a hat.....
but we ended up just wearing braids.

On a side and random note: I just patted my self on the back because I have been eating my "kale" smoothies, lots of veggies and fruit and seeds and super healthy stuff (I did eat bite of brownies the other night and had a cake pop at a birthday party we went to yesterday)...but tonight I just wanted some chocolate chip cookies or something so badly. And ofcourse when I was at the store I didn't buy anything "goodie-like". So I ate an Aprium (apricot plumb thing) and it was really good and some Acai (amazon palm berry)...and it actually did the "sweet tooth" trick for me. I out-smarted my sweet tooth. SCORE: kandee -1                Sweet-Tooth-craving-chocolate- zero  
And I told my sweet tooth: "you be quiet! You are very immature sometimes, all you want to eat it junk. I will fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, and you're not gonna stop me!"

braided leg hair (just kidding, that would be gross)...kandee the sweet-tooth slayer

Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Blog (when you have kids):

*feature guest bloggers - okay, not real blog writers....but this was my "guest blogger" this morning...who just sat in my lap while tried to type.

NOTE: I rarely type with two hands because I'm holding someone with my other hand. Honestly I'd say I get to type, like the world's fastest typer, using both hands, well, very rarely. I am pretty fast typing with one hand though.

*be flexible- usually as I sit to type, I get interrupted 10 or 80 times.
No dreamy illusions of writing a blog from a trendy cafe in my designer clothes, while sipping a warm drink from a tea
I am in my mismatched pajamas, while my first "guest blogger" has now switched to "baby blogger" who I am holding with left arm while she bounces and I'm typing with the other free arm.

I am not listening to the lastest song from the most "unknown-popular" band...
I am listening to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.

*Don't set unrealistic expectations.
Yes, I'd love to have time, or a "mysterious-never-seen" photographer capture  cool pictures for my blog. But alas, we are left with pictures mostly taken with my iphone by yours truly or by one of my "more-than-eager-to-take-pictures" little sidekicks.
And yes I would love to be able to doll up all my photos in Photoshop so they look "art worthy"...but most of the time, I barely have time to upload em and show em exactly how I took em...dark, blurry, weird angles, and sometimes showing my arm or my camera and arm.

*Try to have a good memory.
I'll start a blog and get pulled away many times while writing. So, I'll start, have to go change a diaper, get someone something, help someone wash hands, assist someone in the bathroom, put shoes on, take shoes get the idea. Then I have to go back to writing and remember the idea or sentence I was trying to write.

*Don't worry about perfection.
Perfect is boring.
I like when I read a blog with typos, it makes it real. I even like it when I find them in magazines. hee hee hee

In summary:
I used to frequent the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Hollywood where Perez Hilton began his "blog-pire" (blog empire).  I don't have the luxury to sit in solitude at a coffee place and type up a leisure blog post, dripping with witty comments, and oozing brilliance. Most of the time I'm just delighted to hit publish  because it took me so long to type with all my precious little interruptions or it's so late, because I stayed up to type it after everyone is asleep.

And although some fancy fashion bloggers seem cool...typing from hotel balconies, or cafes in Europe, then spending hours getting dressed for cool parties with cool and famous people, then getting pictures of themselves taken by someone holding a camera that you never see....

I am typing, now on the floor, watching a little guy do "stunts" for me to watch, my phone is going off like crazy with and baby are now on the floor typing/playing. I am in pajamas, messy hair, and everyone has had breakfast except for me. I love every precious interruption, every person that my arms get to hold while I type. I have learned that imperfect is much more precious and worthwhile and valuable than perfection any day.

arms full of precious babies, kandee -the-one-handed-typer

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Favorites:

(this was one of my favorite hair dids....please refer below under: FAVORITE HAIR: this is the picture I'll be talkin' bout. And yes that is my real hair- no wiggies- and this was after it had grown out from my shaving it really short! ha ha)

I had a pen-pal when I was little.
We loved sending each other "what's your favorite" lists.
Here's my pen-pal-favorite list to you, my internet-pen-pal:

Favorite Saturday Morning Donut: Rainbow Sprinkled cake donut with the white or chocolate frosting

Favorite Toothpaste: Tom's Toothpaste in some kind of mint flavor

Favorite TV Shows: hmmm, I like any decorating or cooking shows and the Bravo Channel, well at least when they are not showing a "real housewives show". I did watch that Millionaire Matchmaker show as I was typing my blog last sort of grossed me out a little.

Favorite Scent: vanilla, tahitian gardenia, and well more but that I can't think em them all...

Favorite pair of shoes: well, they are not really shoes but flip flop sandals....I wear my black Havaianas (or however you spell their name)

Favorite Station on Pandora: a few, but I always end up listening to the La Roux station or to relax I listen to the St. Germain or Cantoma station....or we like to listen to Reggae when we make our morning smoothies...feels like we are living on an island! ha ha

Favorite flavor gum (yes, this is a question we used to ask): speartmint or mint, for some reason I do NOT like cinnamon gum, it makes my feel like my breath is hot, not minty cool...I know, I'm weird but I love being weird...normal is so boring

Favorite hair do I've ever had: well I have 2..please refer to picture on top of this blog...and this one:

ok, so this wasn't my real hair, but I loved it....(this is the look from the Jessica Rabbit Tutorial I did-click here if you wanna look at it with your eyeballs). If I ever did this to my real hair, to bleach it then dye hair would look like red hay or straw.

3 Random Favorite things that make me happy:
*being first at a stop light (I don't know why, I think because no one is blocking my driving view)
 *how towels smell at hotels, well when they have that super sterile clean smell (otherwise my hotel-germa-phobe-i-shouldn't-have-watched-that-special-on-how-many-things-they-discovered-in-hotel-rooms-because-it-grosses-me-out-grossy-ness-kicks-in)
*seeing all my little smiling faces on saturday morning...well actually every morning, but I did title this "Saturday Favorites", so I tried to sort of stick to my own theme! ha ha ha

Piles of virtual sprinkled donuts...they are easier to "ship" and calorie free....
piles of love too...kandee

Friday, August 19, 2011

a day in the life...

 breakfast looked like this: Sambazon Frozen Acai, Cascadian Farms Frozen Blueberries, Coconut Milk, Ground Flax, "Dino" or Lacinto Kale (is soooo good for you)
 I don't have a blender, so I "food process" it into a smoothie- and it's fun because 9 out of 10 sprays me and the whole kitchen with a liquidy's more exciting that way.
our finished "Super Food Smoothie" loved by all...even my most picky eaters.
man do I love this little cowboy's "smoothie- stache"....he cracked up when he saw this picture!
 yesterday we went to Target to get Alani a new backpack and lunch box, well now they are really like "cooler bags" you can see by my picture....I was rooting for the Hello Kitty ones...however my little lady was not sharing my HK love....she was debating between Tinkerbell and the owl...
THE SCORE: Owl- 1      Tinkerbell-0  (ok but she did get a Tinkerbell backpack and Barbie Thermos...I know we're all over the place...Tinkerbell, Barbie, owls!

 Alani's back to school outfit: shirt & leggings (they were $4.50!- i love F21): Forever 21 girl, her new back to school boots: Pediped Flex boots in Elizabeth-
she loves these and I kinda' wish they were in my size too!

Alani, as I tried to take a picture this morning...and she just put her hands over her eyes and said, "the sun is in my eyes!" (even though she was sort of in the shade)...
oh this lil' apple-dumplin' face just melts me every day....
and then between thought 2,398,365 and thought 2,398,366...I thought about changing my hair....maybe to this: I was 16 and had colored my hair with 2 blonde strips in the front of my face (I was so on trend for Fall 2011 with my denim back in the 90's, ha ha ha)
and then my in-house photographer, Blakey...took a break from playing a game on my phone, to take a picture of me...well he took tons...but this was the most in-focus we chose this one...but my favorite part of our "photo-shoot" was he told me: "you yook beautiful"...
even though I'm sick and feel yucky, and my head felt like is was pounding everywhere....
my little man thought I "yooked" beautiful...
my heart felt more beautiful than all the little sweet heart...

we had tacos for dinner...
I can't breathe out of my right nostril...
and dear Charmin toilet may claim to be the softest...but my nose would disagree, sincerely sore, kandee's nose

Poor choices I made today:
*not taking the roll of toilet paper out of the sink when I dropped it trying to get some to blow my nose but heard the baby wake up and ran to get her-
Blakey washed his hands without taking the toilet paper out

*Believing Blakey when he said, "Let me polish your nails, I know how. Nana, taught me."-
I ended up trying to clean orange nail polish off the couch, some of it's still there.

Best choices I made today:
dropping the toilet paper to run and get baby (toilet paper doesn't mean anything to anyone)

Letting Blakey try to polish my nails-
I will always look at the polish on the couch and think of how precious my little man was, that wanted to polish my nails

Letting Blakey ride his tricyle down the path that looked steeper than it first I thought he'd never be able to peddle back up...but then he said, "see you ride up hills back and forth like a snake"...and he peddled all the way up...

tired eyes and stuffy noses...but hearts full of perfect love...your kandee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beards on Babies!

now this is what I'm talking about...
this is one of the 2 times I love beards....
on babies and Santa's.

Ok so, I saw this picture all over tumblr and pinterest and had no idea how to find out who makes these! After many a google search...I've found where to buy these!!!

you can get them in all different colors...even for big people!!! (wait til you see the man one, it's hilarious!)

Beared babies are wayyy cooler than bearded ladies.....or bearded men!

Pretending I am brushing my hands down my pretend beard as I ponder the mysteries of the internet.... Kandee Bo Bandee Beardy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to look good in pictures when you're sick:

ha ha ha...insert the "Andy Warhol" picture effect...
You can't even tell how little or much make-up I don't have on.
You can't really tell how sick I look (ok, maybe you still can a little)
But it did eliminate all redness or lack of color in my face...because I'm in all kinds of colors 4 times!

I still feel like poop...this is the awesome blog post idea my brain came up with...
this is brilliant compared to how many typos and "what the sentence is going on?", I had when I went to re-read my other blog post....
oh when you are feels like your brain is tired and can't come up with any good thoughts too!

Sick Day...Sick pictures....and an endless amount of tissue..

Isn't it a litte too extreme when one side of your nose you can't even get any air through it's so plugged up and the other side is practically dripping....yuck!

Kleenex, vitamins and coconut oil (and I'd say a Neti Pot, but I can't find mine!).... Kandee Kleenex

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my "beauties" and the beach

(cupcake- Elyse, me and my ring sling, my lil' neicey-pie and my sister, who is not my twin, but looks a lot like me, in Manhanttan Beach.
After working on the show yesterday...(click HERE to read about what happened before this picture) my sister, who stopped by on her way to San Diego, came to visit on set too, with her "so-her-auntie-kandee's-style" daughter and my only niece, we had a few extra hours until our flight so we went to the beach to have lunch, ice cream, and me try to stay awake (I'd been up for over 24 hours...ugh, i'll fill you in on my kandeej blog)
  on a "golden" side note: please notice the "golden-dream" watch on my wrist!!! Yes, the Michael Kors Runway watch I've been drooling over. You too can can scrounge your house for gift cards from christmas and birthdays from years past (I'm notorious for saving giftcards for years...until they expire waiting for the perfect gift)..TIP: Macy's giftcards don't expire! ...and look what I was able to get..the Runway WATCH!  Nothing could replace how much I loved the watch my friend made with my grandpa's watch- I wore it everyday for 10 years. I loved it, but now I've finally picked a new winner! I love it..and getting gift cards from family that never know what to get me! little beauty and no I'm not talking about my watch...(who had a long travel day with mama)
we had to walk to the water before we headed back to the airport...I miss the beach. I miss my sister. I can't wait to live close to them both again.

This day was a dream...I don't care how tired I was...and yes, me who never sleeps on planes, fell asleep for 5 or 10 minutes, while my mom held the baby. I was so tired...not even any turbulence could've kept me awake.

I know I typed this post wayyyy later than I normally post on my blog...I'm sorry,
but I was not feeling well this morning, my head hurts a little and my nose is all congested...I hope I didn't not catch what the lady who was sniffling and sneezing behind me at the airport or the kids who kept coughing near me in the security line (people were sick everywhere!), had.

looking at the pictures makes my head stop hurting a little...
maybe I can take a nap and dream of this day again....
hugs, love and if you are sick too....I hope you feel better as I "cyber-hand-you-a-tissue" and a
vitamin C (hee hee)...
love ya more than all the water in the ocean, kandee


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