Thursday, June 30, 2011

Since no one wants to see boobs:

What's the big boob?
For as much as people don't mind seeing boobs everywhere...they sure don't like to see the true use of why women have feed babies!
 (yours truly: putting my nursing cover on)
I personally think it's awesome to see another mom nursing (not because I want to see her boobs! ha ha ha, but because I'm glad another mama chose to nurse her baby and all the awesome benefits for the baby:
*protects against infection
*protects against illness
*protection against allergies
*enhances development and intelligence
studies have shown babies fed mother's milk (even through a tube) showed higher IQ at ages 7.5-8 years old than babies who didn't get any "maternal milk".
*increases bonding with baby and mama
*everything from helping prevent obesity to so many more benefits!

 and mama gets some too..with burning an extra 500 calories a day! I love that!)
*increased mama emotional support-
nursing releases "oxytocin"...the hormone which relaxes mamas and makes them feel bonded with the baby
*the list goes on...and on...
but one of my extra-favs is (delay in getting your stupid period! I've gone over a year while nursing without getting that thing! hooray!)

So if you are boob feeding...and need to do it in public (which I do very discreetly) I'm not gonna whip my boob out in the middle of Target and feed my baby, bare boob and all....
 I'll  use a blanket if I have to...but pretty much I take one of these covers with me everywhere I go!
(just shove it in my purse!) And I will save some people from witnessing me nursing! ha ha

 I have both of these covers, the  Mz. Kitty, leopard print one from Covers by Kye
and this super cute polka dot one with hot pink "icing" rick rack on the bottom, called Doo Wop!

Both of these covers are super easy to slip over your head, they are lightweight (some others I've tried are too heavy and make baby hot), so baby can breathe easily, it doesn't make you hot either, and they are super cute!!

If your want to order one too, click here:

hiding my boobs for years....kandee

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just need a minute at the beach!

we didn't have time to go hang out at the beach...but I just wanted to walk down to the sand...
let baby feel the breeze and just let my eyeballs take in the ocean......for at least a minute or two.

I used to bring Jordan here when he was little and it was just me and him. One day I had gotten us food, to have a fun dinner  on the beach...and a giant seagull came up and attacked my dinner. We both laughed about that for years!

We had eaten at me and my mom's favorite place in Santa Monica...Cha Cha Chicken. The Jamaican Jerk Enchiladas and fried Plantains with  Watermelon water to drink is delishy!

sand in your shoes and wind in your hair....kandee

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glo-worm love...

Remember Glo-worms?
The lil' toy worm who's face would light up?
Cupcake was getting very "upclose and personal" with her Glo-worm tonight!
 I was cracking up watching her pull her glowing worm face toy so close to her it made her lil' Cupcake face glow...she was "Glo-cake"!
glo-worms......and some glo-for-your heart...Kandee and her Glo-cake

Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Oh IMATS!

 me and cupcake leaving IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)...sunday evening after closing down the show!
Cupcake was with me all day...she was backstage with mom, while I spoke...I fed her...then she fell back asleep and I headed to meet and take pictures with everyone...
after only eating a couple bites of a peanut butter power bar...a couple almonds my sister fed me...she also gave me a bite of her Twix...and a few pieces of fuit...
I was starving...
 me and baby Ellie (full name : Elyse, beacause people still ask if I "really" named her Cupcake! ha ha)
my sister, Tiffany, and mom, Shannon....
I am supposed to have edited a video tonight...but after baby went to sleep...I have fallen asleep twice at while trying to I'm just typing this and going to sleep....
I'll have a more awesome post of on here when I've slept more....ha ha ha
one tired mama.....your kandee

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Outfit of the Day: Hello Kitty!

 i love these little baby hands...
 we love doggy toy...
 we love Hello Kitty too....( we got this at outfit at Old NAvy!)
big hugs....from Kandee and  "Cupcake"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sleeping Beauty...

my little pumpkin fast asleep after a long day of make-up show-ness...
Little Cupcake went to her first make-up show...she slept pretty much the whole time...and my arms are going to be so buff from carrying her the whole time....
this was pretty much what I looked like the whole time...
there is no place more precious, than having your baby in your arms,
even at IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade show).

We are exhausted...I'm still hungry...and I really wish I had a little "goodie" to eat...I was hoping for at least a Biscotti crumb or little random piece of chocolate stashed somewhere..but nothin'...
I'll just drink some water and go to bed! ha ha

shhhh...sweet tooth I told you to be quiet...kandee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Look who turned 5 months old yesterday!

 yes...lil' Cupcake (aka Elyse) turned 5 months old yesterday...I stopped doing the "week counting" because at some point you just have to switch to months...
"yes my baby 89 weeks old"...just sounds weird! ha ha ha

I can't believe she is almost half a year old already....she has brought some much love and happiness into our world...
wow...I still can't believe I was making a "I'm almost in labor video" 5 months ago! ha ha ha

5 months of extra love....Kandee and cupcake

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do feather earrings and blankies have in common?

 we hang out with Shrek in this blankie....
 Grauman's Chinese Theater...
we even swashbuckled with Capn' Jack Sparrow on Hollwood Blvd...

this is baby's favorite is minky soft on the inside and the most delish-ness, satiny soft turquoisey-ness on the outside!
(me, my mama and baby in her Blankie)
We get sooo many compliments on this Blankie...
everyone  says it looks like a blanket Sleeping Beauty would use!
(yes, ofcourse, she's my little sleeping beauty! hee hee)

It was made by my friend Cardi's (she's the incredibly talented jewelry creator of all my feather earrings and mama to the cutest lil' redheaded boy),  mama, yes a super creative mama and daughter!
Cardi and Me

The talented daughter and Mama, and Cardi's adorable little boy-cub!
(ha ha ha....Cardi said this was the only picture where her and her mom aren't laughing!)

Look at these other Blankies....I am in LUH-LUH-LOVE with the color combos!!!
 I love  all things turquoise (unless there are turquoise snakes! then no)
look at this turquoise and electric purple 
and then how much do you love the turquoise and ORANGE?
TO order yourself a Cuddle Love Blankie (hurry there's only 2 on her Etsy site right now!)

and to get yourself a Cardi Feather Earring Original

(yay! I love supporting mama-run businesses)

cuddly blankies and lots of love...kandee

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby! Oh Baby Favorites!

So I have seriously have not uploaded a video to my "random-mommy-blog-where-I-put-all-the-videos-that-I-don't-want-to-put-on-my-"normal"-youtube-channel" channel on youtube, thekandeejohnsonshow...
but today I have a treat....
not only does this video show some of my favorite baby things...
but it shows baby Ellie (aka Cupcake, aka Elyse, aka Pumkin)...

so sit back and get ready to have some baby fun with me and cupcake!

(*side beauty note: if anyone wants to see the make-up tutorial for the makeup I have on...CLICKEY-POO RIGHT HERE)

if you want to watch the video a little bigger...just click on the little "youtube" on the lower right side of the video....
now let's go have some fun:

baby laughs and bouncy seats...kandee

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 3 Year old Photographer...

 Blakey- my precious 3 year old sweetheart...
wanted to take pictures of me....the poses I am doing were all his awesome ideas,  he  instructed me on all my poses, striking and showing the exact pose he wanted me to do...
He told me to put my necklace on my ear and look to the side. (I love how his finger is in the shot)
He laughed: "me finger was in the picture!"
then he told me to put my pen holder on my head and look to the other side....

I told him what a great photographer he was and how I loved my pictures he took.....
he shined the biggest smile...and we both told each other:
ME: "i love you"...BLAKEY: "I yuv you!"....
and me and my little photographer left his "studio"...ha ha ha

necklaces on your ears....kandee

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day with my Dad...

My Dad....who has taught me to work hard, be positive, never let anything get you down...and always make things fun! 
me and my dad at my first birthday
(I love you Dad!)
 Mom and Alani took off first...and me, baby and my Grandpa stayed behind to just watch and take pictures!

 Dad and Blakey getting ready to set sail! (or rather set...electric motor! ha ha)
Capin' Blakey in his life jacket.

Even though I lost my voice more and more (from this yucky cold) as the day went was such a fun day with my dad.

huge hugs and trying to get my voice back...kandee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sign of Summer: summer jammies

It's officially summer in our house....why you ask?
We officially put on our "summer jammies"....say goodbye to our beloved fleece footie pajamas...and hello shorts and t-shirt pj's.
Blakey still kept his feet cozy in his, Cars Lighting McQueen, slippers (that we got at Payless Shoes).
Alani and Blake were marching around singing before bed...Blakey on tambourine, Alani playing the kazoo and lead vocals, wearing her Little Mermaid swimming goggles.

FAVORITE BLAKEY SAYING: yesterday...Blakey telling me...that a (cucumber) or what he used to call "pepper-dons"...are really called "DUM-BUMBERS"...he makes me laugh all day and night.
This sunset just proved that some of the most beautiful things in life can get overlooked if we don't take time to I hurried down the hallway I noticed the sunset out of the corner of my eye...
ran outside to take a picture so I could share it with you too!

hope you notice every opportunity for a beautiful moment today....
huge hugs and enjoying this sunset with you...your kandee

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What it takes for me to make a video some days:

Here is a picture from a frazzled day....:
being a mama is so hard there are no words to express it to someone that isn't a mom...
(to all mother mama's...i hope this makes you feel like you're not alone!)

try babysitting 4 kids....a baby, some toddlers and a teenager (add an extra teenager that's been staying at your house too)....then try to film a make-up tutorial...
good luck with that!

Just trying to talk on the phone or answer emails feels impossible....

I had so many things I was supposed to do yesterday, not get done.

I tried to take the kids outside to play with bubbles...
bubbles got spilled right away, then crying over the spilled bubbles...then Alani tried to pour half her bubbles into blake's bubbles to share and spilled even more bubbles...

As I'm trying to tell them not to step in the bubbles because it's slippery...blake got the hose and started to "clean up the bubbles"...but got water on Alani..who started crying because she got a few water drops on her...
and after the day I had....I wanted to start crying too!
ha ha ha ha

And when people ask...."how do you make videos and have all your kids? I could never do it!"....
well it is nothing short of a miracle! ha ha ha

AND...yesterday I had to make a video to edit by next week for a magazine throwing in that I was ready to cry because I had no idea how I was going to do that after the day I'd had.

It took me almost 2 hours to film a 10 minute video, which needs to be edited down to 3 minutes!

I''d film for one minute while it was quiet....carry the baby around, get kids a snack...
ask jordan to entertain the baby for 2 minutes while I filmed step 2...
carry the baby...get a new toy for Blake...
forget where I left off filming...
film another minute...
change baby's diaper...wash hands...setttle an argument between Alani and Blake
and on and on.....

in the mom and dad helped me go to walmart and buy things we were in desperate of like milk. My dad took the kids to look at the toys while my mom helped me (carrying baby)...race through wallyworld to get everything.

Jordan and his friend who's staying with were not home I carried Cupcake in one arm and a record (for me) 7 grocery bags in the other. My next trip to the car was baby in one arm -- 2 gallons of milk and a grocery bag in the other...
then I did THIS
and began the process of putting groceries away and getting everyone ready for bed...

somedays I just have to laugh or I'd want to cry in frustration all day...
laughing and laughing....your kandee

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dinner with my 3 of my favorite people!

Last night i went out to dinner with 3 of my favorite people:
Alani, Blake and Elyse
(Jordan had plans with a friend so he was missing in action)
We had a lovely dinner...
they had frozen hot chocolates and grilled cheese
I had Butternut Squash soup (which I shared with Alani)
while I held baby on my lap...
I attempted to eat and spill my salad and curry chicken salad all over me
(ha ha ha ha)
We shared a creme brulee
(one of my favorites!!!)
and the kids got gi-normous chocolate chip cookies for the road.
 Before we got Blaker in his jammies he showed Ellie-Belly his "monster" schoolbus...
he said, "she likes school buses!"
 Blakey put the "amazing elf" slippers my sister made me for Christmas, on...I didn't know he had gone and gotten them...but I cracked up when I saw him!

I had a wonderful dinner with my little people...
and they received the nicest compliment, that they were the most well behaved children.
They smiled and giggled, said thank you, and happily carried their little bags with the cookies and to-go cups of their left over frozen hot chocolates to the car.

you have to cherish special moments as a mom...
so you don't go bonkers when you discover a huge mess they've made
or they are fighting with each other all day!
ha ha ha
elf slippers and creme brulee, kandee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts ever!

Fathers day is right around the weekend...and if you haven't gotten ol' papa a are some of the BEST EVER FATHER'S DAY PRESENTS I've hunted down! (ok the best ever part is totally debatable)

All of these are from one of my fav online stores...Fred Flare! If you like any of these just click on the name to order for your dadster!

Poop Golf- this is so stinking funny! (pun totally intended) For any golf loving dad- now dad doesn't need to miss out on a single second. He can spend hours putting and pooping. Dads and toilet tee time, if this doesn't scream "Buy me for Father's Day!"....I don't know what does!

Bacon Soap - Every dad loves how much more is pops gonna love smelling like bacon? 
A-lot! His cleanliness will be next to breakfast-ness!
Bacon Toothpaste -if the bacon soap isn't enough....or you want to create an entire bacon themed gift can't forget bacon toothpaste! This is really, real toothpaste...just instead of minty freshness you'll have "bacon freshness"!

 Condiment Gun - is your dad a foodie or a grill master? Then he needs to be packin' some ketchup, mustard or BBQ heat with this awesome "condiment gun"!

#1 Dad Trophy - and you can't go wrong with a #1 Dad Trophy! Let dad feel like a fatherly winner every day with little golden man!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cute (of funny) DIY Part Princess Hat

 While I was cleaning the kitchen, Alani decorated little Ellie-Belly (certified name, Elyse) with the latest in party hats. Simply take 2 left over princess birthday party cups and place them on someon's head.
I like how they look very Disney, like Mickey Mouse ears!
this was her face when she wasn't sure she about her new hat or hats...
I hope these pictures bring some smile to your day!
cup hats, Kandee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My very first blog post ever!

This was my very first blog post ever...October 7, 2008...
I just thought it'd be fun to show you guys...before I even knew how to upload a single video to youtube...hope it's fun to see!

me and my posse of lil' pumkin curators decided it was time for our fall art installations...after we "pimped our pumkins"....with my ever favorite gold spray paint...this is what we will be showing....

alani said: wow, it's bootifull!

cooked up some fall food...brown sugar sweet potato fries.....with homemade ranch dressing....and we dined outside before it gets too cold to do that

and then I ran like the


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