Friday, June 17, 2011

Dinner with my 3 of my favorite people!

Last night i went out to dinner with 3 of my favorite people:
Alani, Blake and Elyse
(Jordan had plans with a friend so he was missing in action)
We had a lovely dinner...
they had frozen hot chocolates and grilled cheese
I had Butternut Squash soup (which I shared with Alani)
while I held baby on my lap...
I attempted to eat and spill my salad and curry chicken salad all over me
(ha ha ha ha)
We shared a creme brulee
(one of my favorites!!!)
and the kids got gi-normous chocolate chip cookies for the road.
 Before we got Blaker in his jammies he showed Ellie-Belly his "monster" schoolbus...
he said, "she likes school buses!"
 Blakey put the "amazing elf" slippers my sister made me for Christmas, on...I didn't know he had gone and gotten them...but I cracked up when I saw him!

I had a wonderful dinner with my little people...
and they received the nicest compliment, that they were the most well behaved children.
They smiled and giggled, said thank you, and happily carried their little bags with the cookies and to-go cups of their left over frozen hot chocolates to the car.

you have to cherish special moments as a mom...
so you don't go bonkers when you discover a huge mess they've made
or they are fighting with each other all day!
ha ha ha
elf slippers and creme brulee, kandee


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