Friday, June 10, 2011

Kandee had a little lamb....

 Somedays my heart just feels like it's shooting fireworks because I have so much love for my babies...
our family friend, got this little lamb pillow and blanket that is the softest fabric....(I think she got it at Costco...I don't have a Costco card so I never get to shop there...I wish you didn't need to be a member to shop there!)
and my little lamb loves to grab this little lamb...
yesterday we went to pick my mom up from the airport...We made her a "welcome home" sign and  on the way there we stopped at the drive-through donut place...that had just made their cake and sprinkle donuts...
OH MY SINFUL DONUTS! These babies still had hot icing and crispy friend cakey-ness!
I really wanted to say: "ok...give me all the donuts you just made...all 20 dozen!"
---me and Alani devoured ours...while blakey left this for me. (Just proves that girls have bigger sweet tooths...ha ha ha)

I had big plans of making videos yesterday...but my little ones had other plans of keeping me busy...ha ha ha:
I had to clean the porch off
Type my blogs
Stop a wild-man (blake) from starting a water war with the hose
Remove Alani's training wheels from her princess bike
Drag the hose while pushing baby in the stroller all over the yard
Wash the outside windows
Do laundry
Make Macaroni and Cheese 
Take everyone on a bike ride... I just walked
Have a dance party in the living room
Make lots of snacks
Took a shower while I sing the whole time to baby in her bouncy seat, so she stays happy
Have zero time to put make-up on or do  my hair...
so I just wiped some good ol' Laura Mercier Foundation on, swipe my lashes with mascara and slapped a hat on my head and we began the long process of buckling everyone into their carseats...and that was only about 3 hours of my day..ha ha h

little lambs and donuts....your Kandee


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