Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips for shaving your head:

 This was Jordan a couple years ago with his freshly shaved head...via a trip to the "backyard barbershop" of your truly.
a brightly dressed, kid sister, Alani watches as Jordan picks up the clumps of hair that decorated the back patio, post-hair cutting.

Here's some tip on how to shave someone's head...
*You can dust some baby powder on neck and any area where hair might fall - so when you're done, the hair can be easily dusted off.
*Make sure you have a good pair of clippers that are clean and oiled.
*If hair is curly or grows in a spiral shape or has lots of cowlicks, shave in the direct of the swirl or curl to get hair evenly cut in all directions.
*Pay close attention to the direction hair grows around the hairline (around the face, ears, and back of neck)...nothing looks so good if you missed some hair in this area.
*If you are shaving hair frequently, a hair trimmer (looks like a miniature hair clipper), is a great thing to have to trim the hairline, neck, and especially around the ears! Clippers just can't do this so well.

Happy shaving...clipping and trimming...kandee

PS. Jordan's hair looks nothing like this now...currently he's seeing how big he can grow his hair.


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