Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Funny Father's Day Gifts ever!

Fathers day is right around the weekend...and if you haven't gotten ol' papa a are some of the BEST EVER FATHER'S DAY PRESENTS I've hunted down! (ok the best ever part is totally debatable)

All of these are from one of my fav online stores...Fred Flare! If you like any of these just click on the name to order for your dadster!

Poop Golf- this is so stinking funny! (pun totally intended) For any golf loving dad- now dad doesn't need to miss out on a single second. He can spend hours putting and pooping. Dads and toilet tee time, if this doesn't scream "Buy me for Father's Day!"....I don't know what does!

Bacon Soap - Every dad loves how much more is pops gonna love smelling like bacon? 
A-lot! His cleanliness will be next to breakfast-ness!
Bacon Toothpaste -if the bacon soap isn't enough....or you want to create an entire bacon themed gift can't forget bacon toothpaste! This is really, real toothpaste...just instead of minty freshness you'll have "bacon freshness"!

 Condiment Gun - is your dad a foodie or a grill master? Then he needs to be packin' some ketchup, mustard or BBQ heat with this awesome "condiment gun"!

#1 Dad Trophy - and you can't go wrong with a #1 Dad Trophy! Let dad feel like a fatherly winner every day with little golden man!


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