Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sign of Summer: summer jammies

It's officially summer in our house....why you ask?
We officially put on our "summer jammies"....say goodbye to our beloved fleece footie pajamas...and hello shorts and t-shirt pj's.
Blakey still kept his feet cozy in his, Cars Lighting McQueen, slippers (that we got at Payless Shoes).
Alani and Blake were marching around singing before bed...Blakey on tambourine, Alani playing the kazoo and lead vocals, wearing her Little Mermaid swimming goggles.

FAVORITE BLAKEY SAYING: yesterday...Blakey telling me...that a (cucumber) or what he used to call "pepper-dons"...are really called "DUM-BUMBERS"...he makes me laugh all day and night.
This sunset just proved that some of the most beautiful things in life can get overlooked if we don't take time to I hurried down the hallway I noticed the sunset out of the corner of my eye...
ran outside to take a picture so I could share it with you too!

hope you notice every opportunity for a beautiful moment today....
huge hugs and enjoying this sunset with you...your kandee


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