Thursday, June 23, 2011

What do feather earrings and blankies have in common?

 we hang out with Shrek in this blankie....
 Grauman's Chinese Theater...
we even swashbuckled with Capn' Jack Sparrow on Hollwood Blvd...

this is baby's favorite is minky soft on the inside and the most delish-ness, satiny soft turquoisey-ness on the outside!
(me, my mama and baby in her Blankie)
We get sooo many compliments on this Blankie...
everyone  says it looks like a blanket Sleeping Beauty would use!
(yes, ofcourse, she's my little sleeping beauty! hee hee)

It was made by my friend Cardi's (she's the incredibly talented jewelry creator of all my feather earrings and mama to the cutest lil' redheaded boy),  mama, yes a super creative mama and daughter!
Cardi and Me

The talented daughter and Mama, and Cardi's adorable little boy-cub!
(ha ha ha....Cardi said this was the only picture where her and her mom aren't laughing!)

Look at these other Blankies....I am in LUH-LUH-LOVE with the color combos!!!
 I love  all things turquoise (unless there are turquoise snakes! then no)
look at this turquoise and electric purple 
and then how much do you love the turquoise and ORANGE?
TO order yourself a Cuddle Love Blankie (hurry there's only 2 on her Etsy site right now!)

and to get yourself a Cardi Feather Earring Original

(yay! I love supporting mama-run businesses)

cuddly blankies and lots of love...kandee


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