Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day in Pictures

 yesterday: Sunday....
I left my house  for church without turning my computer on....and didn't get home til 9pm.
I was one of a very few days I've ever taken "off"...where I don't blog or facebook or attempt to get overwhelmed by checking my thousands of emails...
so in honor of my one day is my "day off in photos"....
(after church....we drove through the carwash...we love it because it shoots rainbow colored soap-foam that smells like cherries!)
 then we headed to IHOP (International House of Pancakes)...for some breakfast-lunch...I rebelled and didn't get pancakes....I got a belgian waffle with 2 bowls of whipped cream.
 Here's a lovely picture of my feet while I nursed baby in the car either in the Target parking lot or Marshall's parking lot....I can't remember. I do know that I love these bargain gladiator sandals I got at Forever 21 last summer. (they are not that comfy though)
 Little baby girl....after getting a quick "fill-up"....she was ready to let me carry her all around Target... battery-powered car he got to drive the jeep at our friend's house for a BBQ. My friend's are awesome....not only do they know my love for deviled eggs....but they made a big batch for me! And we had smoked amazingly delish! I had a smoked turkey burger...and s'mores with the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen!
After putting everything everyone being disgusted by some reality shows on tv...then I found Joel Osteen was on, something good on tv! Then I fel fast asleep... for a few minutes until baby woke up! ha ha ha

And this was just moments ago....Cupcake in  her high chair and Alani's new shirt....

off to go attack a big list of things I have to do with big URGENT's attached to them! ha ha ha

no matter what clouds show up in your day...know that a beautiful rainbow of opportunity wouldn't show up without the storms...(for a little more encouragement from my heart to yours..CLICK HERE)
huge love, kandee


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