Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Cute as Gold DIY Stencil Project!

You don't need a baby to make these cute and pretty darn cool DIY baby t-shirts and onesies!
(you could even do this on an adult size shirt!)

I wanted a really cool, unique and artsy gift to take to my friend's baby shower. So how more original can you get than a handmade gift that no one else will have!

*PLAIN BABY SHIRTS OR ONESIES - like the ones above
(my favorites are the Gerber Onesies and shirts...I got em at Babies R Us)

*ACRYLIC PAINT - Gold is my favorite for the ones I did above...
you can use fabric paint if you want...but the acrylic paints work great. My mom used to paint baby shirts when I was a baby, as a little business, and that's what she used.

 I got all my acrylic paints on super sale at Michael's Crafts for 50 cents a bottle!
-or if you want to use fun bright know how I love color!!!
*PAPER PLATES: to squirt your paint on
these give you a cleaner application that won't "bleed" or get all fuzzy on the stencil edges like a paint brush can (you only need one though...not 87 like in this picture!)
 I got 2 sizes of Alphabet stencils (both from Michael's or any craft store)
 I  used a fine point paint brush to hand paint the chain link necklace design on the "gold chain $ bling" shirt.
Let's get stenciling:

this will make sure the shirts or onesies won't shrink and ruin the artwork you've done

#2. Lay down the letters to see where it will lay on the shirt
you can put tape down on the shirt where the stencils will sit and mark on the tape with a pen where each letter will go

#3. Squirt some paint, about the size of a quarter onto the paper plate.
You can add more, but this way it won't dry out.

#4. Place your first letter down, dip sponge in paint, dab a couple times on clean part of plate to remove excess. Hold Stencil in place with fingers- applying pressure so stencils edges where you're going to paint is firmly pressed against fabric.

#5. Dab sponge over the inside of letter to be stenciled.

#6. Carefully lift stencil up off shirt, set aside and wait for paint to dry before setting next letter stencil down
give the newly painted part a quick blast with your blow dryer.

#7. Finish your words....or for the "$" necklace....
after you stenciled the $ sign, go and paint your long oval link "necklace" on last.

And you're a shirt artist! And cool-fashion-crafter!
Blakey, my budding 3  year old photographer too the following pictures:
 I really like this close up of his jammie pants.

 And my lil' assistant that's been on my lap while I type this blog post with one hand.
 love and paintbrushes....kandee and her lil' posse of creative helpers


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