Thursday, June 30, 2011

Since no one wants to see boobs:

What's the big boob?
For as much as people don't mind seeing boobs everywhere...they sure don't like to see the true use of why women have feed babies!
 (yours truly: putting my nursing cover on)
I personally think it's awesome to see another mom nursing (not because I want to see her boobs! ha ha ha, but because I'm glad another mama chose to nurse her baby and all the awesome benefits for the baby:
*protects against infection
*protects against illness
*protection against allergies
*enhances development and intelligence
studies have shown babies fed mother's milk (even through a tube) showed higher IQ at ages 7.5-8 years old than babies who didn't get any "maternal milk".
*increases bonding with baby and mama
*everything from helping prevent obesity to so many more benefits!

 and mama gets some too..with burning an extra 500 calories a day! I love that!)
*increased mama emotional support-
nursing releases "oxytocin"...the hormone which relaxes mamas and makes them feel bonded with the baby
*the list goes on...and on...
but one of my extra-favs is (delay in getting your stupid period! I've gone over a year while nursing without getting that thing! hooray!)

So if you are boob feeding...and need to do it in public (which I do very discreetly) I'm not gonna whip my boob out in the middle of Target and feed my baby, bare boob and all....
 I'll  use a blanket if I have to...but pretty much I take one of these covers with me everywhere I go!
(just shove it in my purse!) And I will save some people from witnessing me nursing! ha ha

 I have both of these covers, the  Mz. Kitty, leopard print one from Covers by Kye
and this super cute polka dot one with hot pink "icing" rick rack on the bottom, called Doo Wop!

Both of these covers are super easy to slip over your head, they are lightweight (some others I've tried are too heavy and make baby hot), so baby can breathe easily, it doesn't make you hot either, and they are super cute!!

If your want to order one too, click here:

hiding my boobs for years....kandee


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