Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just need a minute at the beach!

we didn't have time to go hang out at the beach...but I just wanted to walk down to the sand...
let baby feel the breeze and just let my eyeballs take in the ocean......for at least a minute or two.

I used to bring Jordan here when he was little and it was just me and him. One day I had gotten us food, to have a fun dinner  on the beach...and a giant seagull came up and attacked my dinner. We both laughed about that for years!

We had eaten at me and my mom's favorite place in Santa Monica...Cha Cha Chicken. The Jamaican Jerk Enchiladas and fried Plantains with  Watermelon water to drink is delishy!

sand in your shoes and wind in your hair....kandee


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