Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Happens When Your Brother Gives You A Makeover:

As I was writing my blog yesterday morning, I realized Ellie and Blakey were very quiet, which to a parent, means, "hey whaaaaaat's going on"......
They both came out into the living room in "costume", Ellie was an Angry Bird, and Blake was a "bear".....

Little Ellie Bird:

After I told them how nice they looked and took some pictures of their awesome "costumes"....they both ran back to Blake's room to surprise me with another look...
This time they came back with furry winter hats! And said they had to get under a blanket to stay cozy!

But by far my favorite make-over was this one.....
Blakey had put all these things on her. They are all Alani's, who was at a summer day camp making crafts...
He even clipped the hair piece in her hair! He;s so cute, he said, mom you can take a picture and show everyone!
I posted it on instagram and I said oh Blakey, someone asked if they could have one of your makeover too! He said, 'oh I will DO IT! Tell them to come over, but I just have to ask Alani if it's ok I use her jewelry first."

He is so cute! From BMX racer to little sister "princess-makeover-man"...
Oh I love my lil cuties!

If you missed my "peek into our life video" I uploaded to my 2nd and not very well-known channel on youtube, Kandeeland, come watch our adventures and yes I love the playroom at my sisters house too, I want that pink rug:

Huge hugs and lots of "costume jewelry", your Kandee
Blake also gave me an pretty awesome make-over that I might post on my other blog, Kandeej.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2nd and Possibly Last Hotel Room Tour

Just incase my last hotel room tour post wasn't bad enough, I thought I'd give it another go....

We stayed at the LaQuinta Hotel over the weekend for Blakey's race...

The bathroom was really nice and big. And yes, that is my flower makeup bag, I got at Foreva21 and my Zuca bag insert full of make-up to slap on my face, so I look like I got beauty sleep!

They even give you make-up remover in little packets! That's so nice.

These blow dryers are everywhere I go:
Look at the fancyness of the kitchen area! I've lived in places that didn't have a kitchen area this nice!

That is Ellie testing out the office chair. And you can see my "office", complete with my bow ring, cuff and whatever else you can see in the  picture.

the view out our window...

These beds and pillows were so comfy. I wish we had more time to spend sleeping in them but the alarm went off a few hours after I finally, fell asleep. Story of my life.

Beds were comfy, room was big, bathroom was great, the towels smelled amazing ( I love the smell of hotel towels, well that are cleaned properly), but our favorite part might have been the free continental breakfast, which include the GOLDEN MALTED WAFFLE MAKER!!! It would be dangerous if I owned this:

And here's Alani playing on the ipad, and she even brought the rest of her waffle to enjoy in our room!

I'd give the LaQuinta Inn...all kind of stars. 
And they had a sweet discount for being a Triple AAA member. 

And right after we checked out we raced, to Blake's race that I blogged about yesterdeeeeeee!

PS. If you actually kind of like my room tour posts let me know in the comments on facebook or something, and if yes, I've got a tour of the room we stayed in the next night too! hee hee hee
I know you're excited! ha ha ha 

And have I got a treat for you...or at least I show treats, ad the treat my sister made me, and our BBQ at her house, in my new video on my KANDEELAND channel on youtube:


Monday, July 29, 2013

Bikes, Road Trips, and Lots of Dirt

This was me and my sunnies in Santa Clara yesterday at Blake's BMX Race. We had driven 10 hours to get their from another qualifier race that was out in the boonies near Utah the day before.

To rewind, we left friday night, for the first race out in the middle of the desert. It was raining, and muddy, but Blakey got 2nd place...
You can see him and the guy on the track in his little rain jacket...

He even let Ellie hold his trophy!

Then we found out he had another big qualifier race, in Santa Clara, California, pretty much right across from where they're building the new 49er's stadium, which was a 10 hour drive from where we were. And we only brought enough clothes for the one race.
So we drove and drove....and saw beautiful sky pictures like this:

We had to stop at some outlet stores, to buy socks and some clean clothes because we were covered in dirt. We went to a Vans outlet store, so we probably looked like we were sponsored my Vans, because that's all we had on! ha ha ha ha
We had to go to Target to...then we drove more.....
I edited a video.......which I uploaded today on  youtube:
while the kids slept, and we finally got in at 3am!

Then this is what the track looked like....all nice and sunny. And Blakey was headed out of the gates.....
He got 1st in one of the motos, then got 5 in the main race.
He was not to happy, but sometimes when you don't win, you learn more than when you win.
The winner was sitting next to us, so Blakey gave him a high-5, then went and got his big trophy he got the day before out, to hold.

 Ellis in her new shirt we got at Target, and her Otter Pop (they love going to the races because of the otter pops, I think!)...she loved her princess chair too:

And late last night after another 5 hour drive home, a stop at a fun Mel's diner for 50's style food and oreo milkshakes, unloaded the car, and bath time...
Blakey gave Ellie a little pretend trophy to hold, and hey both carried these trophies around the house and going up to Jordan's room to show them Ellie's trophy and looking at all Jordan's old BMX trophies...they are so funny...they they fell fast asleep.

And this is what tired Kandee looks like, after a fun and long day of racing, roadtrips, unloading the car, baths.....getting little people to sleep....

Huge hugs, from a much more rested and showered, Kandee

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cooking With Kids

So we went to see the movie Turbo, which was super cute. Then we saw the giant displays for Planes and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2. And the kids loves all the "foodimals"- the food animals.

And so, you know see us, or the kids with their "foodimal" masks that my mom made for them. Alani is the strawberry character, don't know his name, and Blake is the Canteloupe Antelope (yes that's in the movie!)
And I just drew a whiskers on Ellie because she wanted to be a kitty. We had so much filming a cooking video, the ending is hilarious! But me and Blakey even made the little "Fruit Cockatiel" bird from the movie...
and we made out yummy "berry-grape cocktail" with a yummy "vanilla-orange" sauce too!
I'll try to edit it over the weekend, so it's up next week....
now I'm off to go get ready, try to edit some more, and film a video, and pack us all up because Blake has a big BMX race tomorrow!

Huge hugs from me and m little chefs!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

And the best boyfriend award goes to....

Blake really wanted to get a trophy in a gift shop we went into the other day...
The only problem was, it said BEST BOYFRIEND.

I told Blakey, that we needed to find him a trophy that said BEST SON, because it's the right kind of trophy for how great he is. And that he wasn't a boyfriend yet.

Well, Ellie and Blakey have a lot of conversations during the day, like this one at his race, that I already posted about, but I don't get to photograph all their little conversations! hee hee

He found another trophy today and asked if he should write BEST BOYFRIEND on it, just to be funny!

Ellie said: You not a boyfriend, Bakey! (she must have heard me saying he wasn't a boyfriend)
To which Blakey replied: I'm not a boyfriend now, but when I am a boyfriend, I'm going to be the best!

Huge hugs and trophies for whatever you want a trophy for, your pal Kandee


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brotherly Love & Great-Great Grandmas

Awww there's something about my oldest baby Jordan, holding my little baby, Ellie.
 (*if you didn't know, yes I have 4 babies, even my big Jordan who's 16)

He was rocking Ellie in her rocking chair... He's a sweetheart and Ellie just melts his heart too.

Ellie had a rocking chair day....
this was her earlier in the rocking chair at Grandma's house...

And this is Grandma, who is my great-grandma and the kid's, great-great grandma.

Last night we all stood on the porch and watched a summer lightning show, brighten up the night sky. Then the raindrops started to fall, and one of my favorite scents is the smell of rain. There's something so wonderful about summer rain.
Everyone is now safe, and cozy fast asleep as I type this, after just eating another Oreo Klondike bar, which is proving to be a huge problem for me. I think I can never buy those again. The box didn't last 24 hours.

Oreos Klondikes and Rocking Chairs....and wishing I had one of those things to massage your feet right now, your friend, Kandee


Monday, July 22, 2013

My Driving Face and Race Time Weekend

This is the face I make when I drive. Just kidding.
 We were on the way to Blakey's BMX race on Saturday night...

Blakey is such a sweetheart, in all his gear talking to Ellie on the bleachers while he waited for his race...

And then Ellie's favorite past time at the races is playing in the dirt. Fun....
We are always in need of a shower or bath after the races.

Blakey got 2nd place in the State Qualifiers..

And then is was time for the next State Qualifier, yesterday too...

You can see Alani cheering Blakey on yelling: 
"Go little brother! Go Rocket! Go Blakey!"
Rocket, is his racing nickname!
And I think I cheer louder than anyone at the entire races I think! ha ha

Blake got 1st place at the State Qualifier! He was so excited!

He wanted me to take this picture with the guys racing behind him with his plaque. Oh my lil cutie pie!

And it was hot! I brought a spray bottle/fan to spray Blakey with water, I made numerous trips to buy snow cones, and we kept Blakey "Rocket", cool with water to drink and water on him! ha ha ha

And this is why.....don't be distracted by my phone case, because that does say 102, which thankfully was after the races were over and it hadn't been that hot!

And that is how our weekend went down!

Huge hugs and snow cones wishes, your Kandee

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cleaning in Kandeeland...

Yes, I mopped the kitchen last night, and then I woke up and realized the hallway needed to be mopped too. But this morning I got a little help from Ellie. I think everyone should clean in their candy jammies, also.

Our cleaning product of choice is a bit exotic, because that's how we mop-roll, is Method Squirt Mop in Ginger Yuzu scent, and yes it smells like your mopping on vacation in a tropical location. If you like to mop when you're on vacation. Or in my case, you pretend you are on vacation, instead of mopping, while you're mopping.

Another action mopping shot. I was in my workout/cleaning clothes. And just thank me right now, that I didn't include a picture of me mopping.

Our floor smells amazing. Looks amazing. And me and Ellie had lots of fun. Alani and Blake were safely on their "islands" until we waited for the floor to dry and no one was at risk of going "floor skating or slipping".

We're out like the dirty mop water in the bucket, your cleaner and her cleaning assistant, Kandee and Ellie



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