Thursday, July 11, 2013

Road Trippin' and a New Video On Kandeeland

Me and part of my posse...
Alani, Blake (who is now at that stage of boyhood, where he will only make faces in pictures, which will then progress into the Jordan stage of photos, where he just won't let me take pictures of him), and Ellie...

on our road trip adventure....

How loud Blake can be in car
How far I can reach to grab Ellie's blankie and not pull a muscle
That Bishop, California has some of the best BBQ food I've ever eaten (thank you, Holy Smoke BBQ Food)
And that I didn't even notice everytime I got out of the car that my hair was all crazy-messed up
That even older women, ask if I cut my hair like Miley Cyrus...that's  a negative, since I had my hairlike this 10 years ago when she Hannah Montana

Yes, we made it to LA, but we had an awesome stop, which by the flag looks like Texas, but it was just an amazing BBQ place in Bishop, California called Holy Smoke. If you ever go to Mammoth and stop in Bishop, you need to eat there! Best BBQ food I think I may have ever eaten!

We caught one pic of Blake sort-of smiling! ha ha ha

And we stopped for some Shave Ice, which seriously had the largest selection of flavors I'd ever seen:
I had coconut, huckleberry, and cheesecake with sweet cream on top
But I won't give it all away, because I might be on a vlogging roll....I vlogged (AKA filmed it so I can make it into a video for my KANDEELAND (vlog channel on youtube)

And so, without further adieu....may I present the baby that I edited in the car today....
make sure you subscribe to this channel so you don't miss out ont he "road trip" video I filmed yesterday too!

MY BIRTHDAY VLOG.........(click here if you can't see it):

Huge hugs from your online best friend, Kandee

PS. Today I will be on The Moms View (live) at 3pm PST on youtube, if ya wanna watch me live with the girls too!



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