Monday, July 15, 2013

What Happens When You Take a Boy To The American Girl Cafe:

Alani loves American Girl dolls. She loves the American Girl Cafe at The Grove in LA. So on Saturday we went to have dinner there.
Blake was not as excited.

But you can see him enjoying his chocolate mousse dessert with his "borrowed doll for dinner"- as you can see he chose a boy doll. And he gave Alani, the hair-tie bow, that comes with your napkin.

Ellie looks extra tiny posing with the "new" Saige.

I could've eaten 5 more flower pots of that chocolate mousse!

And then Alani looks extra big posting with Saige...

And we stopped at Pottery Barn kids, where Ellie has to test out all the things with buttons and we hae to remind everyone that we are just looking, at that everything needs to stay at the store...ha ha ha

What is it that's so fun about pressing buttons on things when you're little? hee hee hee
 I even filmed a vlog about our day! Yes, I'm trying to be better about uploading vlog videos (just a video diary of our day) onto my 2nd channel Kandeeland on youtube!

Huge hugs and big buttons on cash register, your Kandee and her crew

PS. CLICK HERE to see the DIY video I just uploaded today!


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