Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hotel Review: first and maybe last

We are on the road again...and we made another fabulous stop in Bishop, California, where there was almost NO VACANCY anywhere.
And this is our HOTEL TOUR & REVIEW, which may be the first and last I ever do! ha ha ha
 Be warned, these pictures were taken at high speed, with my iPhone, with horrible lighting in our room!

Now let's begin our fancy HOTEL TOUR:
THE HOTEL: The Days Inn in Bishop, CA

Here's Blakey watching BARNEY, on the gigantic tv.

The bathroom lighting, was worst than most. ha ha ha
The lighting was so yellow, it's a good thing I didn't even bother putting makeup on today!
And for anyone wanting their hair to look like a big poof ball, feel free to use that blow dryer on the wall.

And yes, the bathroom. With a phone in it in case you need to do more than one type of business...

And this was the kitchen area. Fan-sayyyyyy. I was impressed that not only did you get a mini fridge, but also a microwave. I've stayed in fancier hotels that don't even give you an empty fridge.
 OVERALL: The beds were comfortable. To no fault of the motel, I was woken up very early this morning, to a girl talking for about 15 minutes right outside our window, very loudly.
My mom was not impressed with the, dirty fingerprints all over the door, which I hadn't noticed at night.

And this was Ellie packing up her backpack, to hit the highway again.
I'm typing this from the car, with the little internet action my trusty phone is dishing out.

Huge hugs from us rolling like truckers on the highway, your Kandee

And if you missed our vlog from yesterday, here it is:


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