Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You know you're a mom if:

As I talked with my sister on the phone the other day, and we were both laughing at how little sleep we've gotten and how hard it is to do things once you have babies, I thought I'd put together a little little list of things called,

*ryou kids have asked you to put on a mask, wig, glasses, or any other funny costume and let them take a picture of you

*you can't remember the last night you got a "full night of sleep" or even your what you were talking about

*you actually listened to music on the radio instead of a cd about stories, learning to go potty, or some other song, sung by an "animal"

*you know more about Austin & Ally or Dora The Explorer than any adult tv show

*you know the pain of stepping on a plastic army man or a stray barbie shoe heel

*you ares so tired sometimes you go to speak but sound like a caveman because your brain can't remember your vocabulary

*you feel like you cook more food than they do at Denny's

*you have about 1.5 minutes to get ready some most days no scratch that, you have negative time to get ready

*you drive more people around to places than a NYC Taxi Driver

*you have learned to live on 1-2 hours of sleep

*you can change a diaper with your eyes closed, in the dark if you had to

*you can sprint to a crying baby faster than an Olympic athlete

*a vacation to you, is taking a shower

*every time you go to the bathroom it's like a party because all your little ones want to go with you too

*you laugh when someone says "oh you must be bored"......I day dream of what it would be like to be bored.

*you fold more laundry than seems humanly possible...and it usually gets unfolded by the little body it fits faster than humanly possible

*you have learned to enjoy eating your food at room temperature, if not cold

And on the bonus side....I'd trade every hour of sleep, every minute of getting ready, every hot meal, every free moment to do something I want be with my babies. The greatest reward in life is not going on fancy trips with your friends, not having hours, to sleep in as late as you want, or spending as much time as you want getting ready, or going out with your friends. The moments that matter are the  each heart melting, moment I get to pour love into my little ones hearts. Even each moment when I'm exhausted and I feel like I can't get anything done, and I look at my kids, and know that they are more important than the piles of laundry, the things that need to be organized or swept.

Being a mom is the greatest, most meaningful job in the world. If you look at money, the pay isn't great, but the best things in life don't have price tags. And being a mom, a mom that is willing to sacrifice her time, sleep, life, and to give her heart to her the most amazing thing you'll ever do. You may not get an award, medal, certificate or recognition, but the greatest reward is that precious little heart that you've filled with more love.

I saw an awful show called Pretty Wicked Moms, I was both disgusted and saddened to see yet again, some tv executives thought it would be great to make another show that glorifies awful behavior. I congratulate every mom, that is beautiful beyond comparison by the love she has for her kids, not the time she spends getting herself ready.

Since most days if I put make-up on, it's done with someone climbing on my back! ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and lots of love, your always tired, but full of love, Kandee



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