Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Dream-a-cation

 I want to be here. Yes, I want to crawl inside this picture and be here again.
Riding the carousel at Disneyland. Churros just yelling for me to come and buy them. Disneyland balloons dancing in the breeze...just feeling happiness everywhere!

And me, holding this ticket in my hand, saving it in my pocket, because I thought if I just pinned this to something at home, I will just think fun thoughts looking at my ticket:

Sometimes like today, when "work" is piled up all around me, or like Ellie has done while I was trying to type on my computer earlier, she piled up all her toys around me, books, her mini make-up table, stuffed animals....sometimes you just need a  "day dream-a-cation". No money, no need to pack, just imagine your self somewhere even if it's for 10 seconds. Look at pictures that are like vacations foryour eyes, like this:

I am imagining that my whole house is clean, there isn't one article of laundry that needs to be washed, and I don't have one think on my to-do list, except...
*Don't forget your beach bag

Who else just wants to stare at that picture because your eyes have just fallen in love with it? Maybe I'll make is my screen savor...ha ha ha ha

The next time the real world, or laundry gets to be too much, take a mini "mind vacation"...we can always fly first class and stay at the dreamiest resorts that way! ha ha ha

Huge hugs from me and my huge piles of laundry, your

PS. I will be uploading a fun video on "Getting Ready With Me For The Beach"...and the funny part is, by time I finished filming me getting ready for the beach (which took a really long time to film), it got cloudy, windy and cold and we didn't even get to go! But at least you'll know how I get ready! ha ha ha ha ha


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