Monday, July 22, 2013

My Driving Face and Race Time Weekend

This is the face I make when I drive. Just kidding.
 We were on the way to Blakey's BMX race on Saturday night...

Blakey is such a sweetheart, in all his gear talking to Ellie on the bleachers while he waited for his race...

And then Ellie's favorite past time at the races is playing in the dirt. Fun....
We are always in need of a shower or bath after the races.

Blakey got 2nd place in the State Qualifiers..

And then is was time for the next State Qualifier, yesterday too...

You can see Alani cheering Blakey on yelling: 
"Go little brother! Go Rocket! Go Blakey!"
Rocket, is his racing nickname!
And I think I cheer louder than anyone at the entire races I think! ha ha

Blake got 1st place at the State Qualifier! He was so excited!

He wanted me to take this picture with the guys racing behind him with his plaque. Oh my lil cutie pie!

And it was hot! I brought a spray bottle/fan to spray Blakey with water, I made numerous trips to buy snow cones, and we kept Blakey "Rocket", cool with water to drink and water on him! ha ha ha

And this is why.....don't be distracted by my phone case, because that does say 102, which thankfully was after the races were over and it hadn't been that hot!

And that is how our weekend went down!

Huge hugs and snow cones wishes, your Kandee


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