Thursday, July 18, 2013

Outfit of The Day: Ellie Style and Things We Do

This is Ellie's Outfit of the Day:
I did not pick or suggest one thing she is wearing.
This is all Ellie's fashion choices.
*Polka Dot dress, which was made by my Nana.
*Lavender Star leggings.
*And her favorite shoes to wear, her dress-up princess heels.

She also wanted me to take her picture on her Minnie Mouse couch:

We got home and unloaded the car, unpacked bags. The unpacking is never fun.
I actually worked out. Ok, it was only the shortest turbo jam workout, at 20 minutes, but still!?!
I mopped the kitchen floor.
Washed sheets.
Played a few rounds of Heart and Soul with Jordan on the piano.
Listened to Jordan play the piano - he's amazing.
We all laughed and talked while we waited for the pizza.
Took a shower.
Took a picture of this little lady in her cute owl towel- post bathing:

Got everyone in bed.
Tried to reply to some comments on Instagram, my blog, facebook and youtube.
Then I fell asleep too...

If you missed our roadtrip-ness, watch it here:

And if you wanna see my THROWBACK THURSDAY post, click RIGHT HERE!


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