Friday, July 5, 2013

Two 4th Of July's For The Price of One

We get a little bit of a deal here! We get 2, 4th of July firework nights! The 1st one, which is on the 3rd of July, and way less crowded, is the Firework show in Lake Tahoe's North Shore in Kingsbeach. Where we went with my family and cousins.

Alani loved her 4th of July glasses, and even kept them on, well into the firework show!
  Ellie and Blake loved playing in the sand until the water begged them to get in! I, of course, brought an entire change of dry clothes for everyone! That's why I need such a giant beach bag!

The water was shallow for hundred of feet can see my two little "fish", Alani and Blake wading out in the water!

This is how to take a bad picture: Make sure your eyes are closed, your hair is all puffy and wind blown and you're about to start walking....ha hah a

See, Alani was the first to get in the water...Ellie ad Blake got in the water about 2 minutes later!

Jordan and his cousin (well my cousin too, but they are the same age, and like best friends) went swimming, but I didn't want to be the nerdy mom and take pictures of them swimming, they are too big and too cool for that!

They had yummy food! I had an organic heirloom tomato and basil salad and BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sliders.

 And then we "ooooh-ed" and "ahhhhhh-ed" at all the fireworks...on the 3rd of July.

My cousins friend was the drummer for a cool "mountain-reggae-ska" band that was playing after the fireworks, so we danced in the parking lot until some of the traffic to leave had gone down a bit...
All the little kids fell asleep...on the drive home and then Jordan helped me carry all the sleeping little ones,  into the house.

It was a great 3rd of July (well, now, 4th too, but I took the day off from bloggin yesterday so I could celebrate the 4th!)...

And if you didn't see out "Get Ready With Me for the Beach" video, here it is and you can see just how BIG my BEACH BAG IS....(with me and my 4 babies, that's 5 towels, 5 changes of clothes and sweatshirts...I need a humongous bag!):

Huge hugs from me and my huge beach bag, your bestie, Kandee



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