Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Muddy Waters and The Latest in Hat Wear

 Yesterday we went on an adventure!
Nothing like feeding hungry koi fish...they made a kinda yucky sound when they'd "chomp" at the water! ha ha ha
On our "hike" to see some waterfalls...it rained, and we all got a bit wet...
And Alani is wearing the lastest in rainforest fashion- the LEAF BONNEY BONNET!
Alani got a special rainhat....
which was made from some leaves we found and another leaf tied around it (she began collecting all the ones she found on the ground- we could have made hats for everyone, almost! ha ha ha)
 Blakey rinsing his muddy feet...
Jordan, our cousin and one of Jordan's best friends, Marcus, Alani, and Blake - and as you can see, this was before Alani got her hat. ha ha ha

We chewed on some sugar cane, tried some lilikoi, but no one was a fan of the jelly-like, seed stuff inside. And ate some coconut candy.

we felt like we were in a movie...a fun, jungley-adventure movie!

and I seemed to be the only one that the mosquitos liked...ha ha ha

shave ice and hugs, kandee

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Strollin' in Maui with Forrest Gump

Ellie enjoying our walk around Whaler's village....
 Ellie looks like such a big girl, leanin' on her stroller... (this is a loaner jogging stroller, we like it, but hard to steer with a swivel-wheel in front- we do lots of "wheelie-turns)

 Blake's smiley face artwork....
Outside the Bubba Gump restaurant you can try on Forrest's shoes and sit next to his box of chocolates.
Blakey "wearing" Forrest's runnin' shoes...

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wishing for a box full if chocolates (or maybe just chocolate covered macadamia nuts), kandee

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

 ok, she may not be wear an "itsy beetsy teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini"...but it is "itsy bitsy" and instead of polksa dots, we have stars and it's navy blue! ha ha ha
(we got it at the Oldest Navy of them all)
And I love this picture...a line of of all my "babies" bathing suits....
Ellie, Alani, Blakey and Jordan...

hugs and the softness of bathing suit fabric....Happy SUNDAY!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

We made it- and a long-ish flight with kids...

We made it! This was Blakey  in the airport as we waited for our bag to show up.
After a long day of travelling, lots of waiting in the plane- one flight we actually spent more time waiting in line to take off than we did in the air! ha ha ha
 Here was a picture of me and Ellie and her baby doll,  on the plane, from Alani's angle...
Me, Blakey, Ellie and Alani had one row of seats....which was located right next to the bathroom doors and against the back wall...so we got the pleasure of seeing all the people line up next to our seats, smell, the "aroma" of the bathroom, which did NOT smell like the heavenly smell of our lei's...ha ha ha And the opening and shutting of the "lavatory" doors, which ultimately woke Ellie up from her nap. haha ha ha ha
 Thankful that the San Francisco aiport has these play areas for kids...Ellie and Blakey and Alani got to get some energy out before we boarded our plane for Hawaii- (where we spent almost an hour just waiting to take off, again! IT seems San Francisco has quite a bit of traffic! ha ha ha)
 Alani running around....
Blakey checking stuff out.....

Not shown...Jordan and his friend, who happens to be our cousin, too...who is with us too.

Travel tip: for anyone travelling with a "lap baby"...any baby under 2, that sits on your lap for the flight- if you bring a little flat-ish, pillow, you can lay it across your lap for them to sleep on way more comfortably!

Anyone traveling with a baby knows, flying is not relaxing, like where you just get to sit back and read or watch a movie- you are bouncing, making faces, entertaining like crazy because you can't really get out of your seat and do anything! ha ha ha I was almost more excited to get off the plane than the kids! They kids did great, no crying from baby or anything...Jordan and Marcus (his cousin, who didn't get to sit together, or together with us- were super excited to get off too!

Off to go feed everyone breakfast- and yes, after we landed we stopped at Walmart for food and some supplies...ha ha ha They sell really cool Hawaiian stuff at their Wal-Mart!

Hugs from Hawaii (I can't believe I get to type that!), your kandee

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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm packin'!

No, I'm not packin' heat, like they do in cop shows....I'm packin' suitcases!

I am actually taking a break from packing to type this blog post- yay for breaks, because I was kinda' just staring at stuff and not getting much done...ha ha ha ha

As you will see above, my trusty Ergo baby carrier, a mini zebra print carryon and not to let zebra bag be the only shining star of animal print-ness....we have trusty, Vans Leopard Print backpack- which still need to be filled with more stuff.

Packing for my 3 little ones and thankfully Jordan packes his own suitcase- yay! So, I only have to pack for 4 people (me included), instead of 5.

We are going to escape our daily lives, and let some new fun memories be created, because we've dealt with an overwhelming amount of sadness recently, with the death of my dad...(oh, that is still so hard to type or say the word, "death").....ok, must think of happy things to end this post....

I have much more packing to do, and the last load of laundry just buzzed in the dryer (I don't know how the buzzer keeps getting turned on- I can't stand the sound of dryer buzzes!)

off to go fold laundry, your kandee

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My crazy personal trainer....

Some people have trainers to help get them into shape....
My trainer is harsh, doesn't let me rest, and at his guidance I'll be in shape in no time.
He is on the small side, he fits in my jogging stroller.
His favorite things are Hot Wheels.
He is only 4, and his favorite thing to yell to me when we're on a run, when I stop for a break to walk is:
"What'd you stop for?!?"
ha ha ha ha ha

In his down time he likes to fly helicopters (as seen below) and goes by the name Blake.
I DO have to hand him his water bottle quite often and hand him snacks while I workout, but he doesn't charge me a thing... it is well worth it!

Off to go "train" whith my little trainer....he also really like any workout that he can jump around with me too, although he was kinda dangerous to stand near when I did Turbo Jam... ha ha ha

jumping jacks, kandee

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh MY Flower Kids and Gnomes....

 I've got 5 words for you:
Costumes should be worn everyday.
How much do you love these "garden kids"?!?
Ok, I have to play favorites here, because, "The Rose Costume" above is adorable times 10.
 These kids flower costumes are amazing- the Flower Pot- I mean, how awesome are these!?!

 and introducing Miss Iris Costume 2012....
Have no fear, we haven't saved all the fun for the girls.....every garden need a gnome!
 The beard. The beard cracks me up.......
Say, you've got a taller gnome...maybe this costume will fit longer legs..ha ha ha
Nothing says fun like a gnome on a toadstool.

oh, don't get your beard in a knot, I didn't forget the babies....
and you bet your gnome cap, that the gnome suit comes in baby sizes too!
My sister found this site and these costumes last week, they're from www.chasingfireflies.com and I had to share them with you guys too!

Fun idea for kids protraits, or I think costumes are fun any and every day, nothing like seeing a lil' flower shopping with their mom in Target! ha ha ha Or if you are craftier than me, maybe you could even sew one of these yourself!

gnome beards and hugs, your kandee

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Look Who's 18 Months Old!

 well, to be exact, lil' Miss Ellie (Formerly known as Cupcake- yes that's what everyone called her when I was pregnant)...turned 18 months old yesterday.
And, although she never likes to wear hats, headbands, hair clips, nothing...she insisted on wearing this giant, hat...and yes it's a boys hat, if you were wondering.
 And my favorite part is that she wore it sideways, so it looked even bigger! She's so funny...I love how she says "thank you", now too...I'd have to make a video because I can't even type how she says it- it's so cute! It's kinda' like "teh two"..but cuter!
Ellie and my mama...Ellie calls her "Nan-nan" or "Mom-mom"...ha ha ha

hugs bigger than our big hat and big "age"....Kandee and Ellie

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The world's flattest FLAT SCREEN TV!

 Yeah, check it out, but don't be jeally....
As seen above, or rather, as NOT seen above....
You will notice the square like shape on the wall....well.....
Blake, my most precious 4 year old...told me he wanted to put a tv behind the couch in his "fort", which is also known as "the area behind the couch".

And, as you will see the the pink couch and the "flat screen" on the wall.

You too can have a "shockingly" flat, flat screen tv like ours too. As Blake told me, you just need to take a pencil and draw one on. It's that simple! It's not only the world's flattest, flat screen tv, but it's also the world's cheapest flat screen tv- just the cost of a pencil! ha ha ha ha
I don't think cable or the dvd player will work with it though.....

Ahhh, my Blaker...he brings me joy even when he draws on the walls with pencil....

hugs bigger than this flat screen, your kandee

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Mornings At My House....

 Lil' "Smoothie Face"...laughing at big brother, Blakey...
after we finished breakfast on the patio.
 My glass is the empty one.... ha ha ha

This face just melts my heart! Love the little tongue-over-teeth action too!
And we're off like a band of Mariachi players ready to go have some fun for our saturday....right after I do the dishes...ha ha ha

hugs and smoothie smiles, kandee

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sometimes we do stunts....

This is Blake.
Inside Ellie's car.
With her Blanket on top.
He's driving (Flintstone style peddling with his feet, rather) the car like this.
Because he's funny!
This was a short lived stunt...due to safety reasons! ha ha ha
He cracks me up! Hope this makes you smile too....
fuzzy blankets are cars without engines, your kandee

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Glitter-foot or Cupcake-foot...

sometimes a little glitter goes a long way to make you feel dazzlin'....
Who didn't dream of wearing Cinderella's Glass slipper (but that doesn't sound safe) or Dorothy's Ruby Red Slipper!?!
we need some shimmer or glitter in our step sometimes...
And thought they may not make this in my size (if you're reading this anyone at VANS, you should totally make them in big people sizes!)..these are the cutest lil' Ellie size shoes around...well almost...wait til you see the other pair I saw...

As we realized we needed a real deal, rubber shoe for lil' Ellie, her mocassins are cute but no rubber on the bottom when we walk across bumpy things that can hurt lil' feet, and her bow sandals kinda' make her feet sweaty (oh the sweaty shoe of the jellies)...

I am a loooooong time Vans-wearer...so we headed to the Vans store the other day for some slip-ons.

Ellie got the "silver diamond" like Vans kids glitter slip-on shoes- I figured they would go with more, although the pin l was awfully cute!
But then after we had already bought her the glitter Vans....we saw these CUPCAKE SLIP-ON VANS--- again, I love these!
you can't go wrong with cupcakes or glitter!

May you have  glittery day, even if you don't have glitter on your shoes like Ellie, Your Kandee

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Most Comfortable Seat on A Plane!

I wish they made these in my size!
Who wouldn't rather fly in a hammock-like seat than in the onees on planes that fel like they are actually leaning you forward!
Traveling in a plane is not really very comfy.
And if you are traveling with a baby, traveling requires a  whole new "adventurous" approach.

When I worked on the show "How Do I Look", after I had the baby...We flew all over the country, taking off and landing multiple times a day with a baby in tow.
She did great, but I really wish I had heard about one of these FLYEBABY seats back then!
 How cool is this!? They are FAA approved to use during flight- so probably the same time you are able to use your phone- you can use the Flyebaby. You can't use it in take-offs or landings- but once you are in the air you're good to go.
And the awesome-ness doesn't stop there...once you've arrived wherever you're going, you can strap this onto any chair for a cozier-than-a-highchair, way to dine with baby!
Actually, I think we could still use one for Ellie! It says the weight limit is 25 pounds, which my lil' petite lady is not. There is a height marker, but they say the weight is most important.

If you wanna check em out for yourself head on over to their website: 

this is so cool! I just wish there was some sort of hammock-like chair for big people on planes...because the seats on planes, almost make you feel like you're leaning forward! ha ha

So, if you're gonna hit the sky with your precious lil' one, maybe this will help your "air time"...

wings and hugs, your kandee

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ID for kids!?!

When I was little I had a little metal bracelet from the Red Cross I think, with my address and phone number in case something happened to me or I got lost, was engraved on it. I thought it was cool.

I was thinking about this the other day, when I realized how long it took for anyone to get a hold of me when my dad was in his tragic accident. And how I wish he had a bracelet with the important numbers to call.

If you or your kids hike, bike or jog outdoors, even if your your kids visit another parent and aren't with you, or go to a friends house, or babysitter, or daycare...if something happened to them while they were away from you, and if something happened where others were injured and unable to give critical info, like your phone number...how would anyone know to contact you right away?

I searched for id bracelets for kids and these are what I found.
You don't have to put your address, but you can put your cell phone number which I think is such a great idea.

These kids ID bracelets are from ROAD ID.

They are so cool. They have helped so many people that were alone, whether on a bike ride or run, or something more serious, and those that were unable to even speak at the time of their accident, were able to have their family contacted immediately because of their id bracelet.

And since kids don't really have wallets, or any form of ID they carry with them...I think this is such an awesome idea!

I hope no one ever needs to be in an emergency situation where they'll need to use this...but just like seatbelts...I'd rather be safe than sorry. And I think, just like I did when I was little, kids will think these are cool!

We just ordered id bracelets for all the kids- Alani picked out pink and Blake picked out black and I got Jordan a black one too.

hugs and wishing I still had my little id bracelet from when I was little, kandee

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning...Good Mornin'

 Some morning are so filled with love once my babies wake up..it's amazing...
after this lil cute woke up with her giraffe...she was just the cuddliest bundle of love in the world!

And before she woke up...me and Blakey played "motorcycles"....we rode motorcycles all over his room and we really liked his "comforter mountain" we made. I was told we were supposed to say things like: "Come this was, bud" and "check this trick out, bud".

We had vast array of breakfasts served, from cereal to waffles and peaches.

I was a bit delayed typing my blogs today because of playing "motorcycles"...ha ha ha ha

Huge love from my house to your, kandee

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Night Kisses and Morning Smoothies

This is one of my favorite faces Ellie makes...
her "kissy face"
and it kinda looks like a watercolor..but to achieve this "photo effect" just take a picture ina very poorly lit room with your iphone!

and then after some hour of my attempted "beauty sleep", or as I'm calling it, "trying to look not awful" sleep. ha ha ha
Yes, I did end up watching almost the entire infomercial for the INSANITY workout DVD's and realized that I don't think I could do all that jumping- I got tired just watching it. ha ha ha
 And this morning I whipped up our favorite breakfast smoothie:
2-4 leaves of Kale (I remove the "spine" from the leaf)
I use a handful Spinach
1 individual pack of Sambazon Frozen Acai
 1/4 -1/2 cup Frozen Blueberries
1 Cube of Organic Frozen Wheatgrass
1 Mini (clementine or "cutie" type) orange
1/4 Cup So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Yogurt
1 Cup So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk 

Throw it all in a blender and enjoy the taste and how great you feel! Lil' Ellie loves it!

Off to  go dance around to my Brazilian Bum Bum work-out and then go do a furniture make-over project outside....happy saturday everyone, kandee

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