Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh MY Flower Kids and Gnomes....

 I've got 5 words for you:
Costumes should be worn everyday.
How much do you love these "garden kids"?!?
Ok, I have to play favorites here, because, "The Rose Costume" above is adorable times 10.
 These kids flower costumes are amazing- the Flower Pot- I mean, how awesome are these!?!

 and introducing Miss Iris Costume 2012....
Have no fear, we haven't saved all the fun for the girls.....every garden need a gnome!
 The beard. The beard cracks me up.......
Say, you've got a taller gnome...maybe this costume will fit longer legs..ha ha ha
Nothing says fun like a gnome on a toadstool.

oh, don't get your beard in a knot, I didn't forget the babies....
and you bet your gnome cap, that the gnome suit comes in baby sizes too!
My sister found this site and these costumes last week, they're from and I had to share them with you guys too!

Fun idea for kids protraits, or I think costumes are fun any and every day, nothing like seeing a lil' flower shopping with their mom in Target! ha ha ha Or if you are craftier than me, maybe you could even sew one of these yourself!

gnome beards and hugs, your kandee

Click HERE if you wanna see my other's kinda cool sometimes.


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