Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning...Good Mornin'

 Some morning are so filled with love once my babies wake's amazing...
after this lil cute woke up with her giraffe...she was just the cuddliest bundle of love in the world!

And before she woke and Blakey played "motorcycles"....we rode motorcycles all over his room and we really liked his "comforter mountain" we made. I was told we were supposed to say things like: "Come this was, bud" and "check this trick out, bud".

We had vast array of breakfasts served, from cereal to waffles and peaches.

I was a bit delayed typing my blogs today because of playing "motorcycles"...ha ha ha ha

Huge love from my house to your, kandee

Wanna see what I've got cookin on my "main" blog, KANDEEJ, click here.


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