Thursday, July 12, 2012


 here's my little "bathing beauty"...right after her bath.
And her "singing" me a little something.
Somedays I feel like I accomplish a lot more than others.
Somedays my only goal feels like it's just to make it through the day. (you ever have one of those days?)
Oh sure, you get the required things done like- food to eat and stuff like that.
But mostly, that you just survived the day... you are doing good.
We all have those days so don't worry.
Be easy on yourself.
Sure we need to working offering others grace and mercy...but everyday we also need to be easy on ourselves and give our own self a little break.
The greatest thing is we always have tomorrow to start over fresh.
And just like little can wash off all the dirt from yesterday and start off fresh and clean today- or tomorrow, if today seems too hard already!

Huge hugs and if today all you need to do is survive-
whether you are a mom with her hands full...don't worry the dishes aren't going anywhere- they can wait.
OR someone with emotions sending them into overdrive- go easy on yourself and your heart..give yourself permission to just make it through today, and I will pray for every set of eyes reading this.
Sometimes it's great to give yourself permission to not feel the pressure from this world...toss your to-do list out the window and just love and care for yourself and your heart, and the heart of the ones around you. That's more important than a to-do list most all days!

huge hugs and lots of love, your kandee
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