Monday, August 29, 2011

baby showers and bows...

where: baby shower saturday
what: my favorite new face that Ellie Bellie makes
she is wearin':
Outfit from Tarjay (aka target)

*this face cracks me up!

Baby, precious preggy friend, Teresa and my mama in the pretty, green, country backyard which was decorated with little glass vases on white tables, sprinkled all over a grassy backyard with light sparkling through the trees.
baby making my 2nd favorite face...and my mama right before we dished up some yummy plates of salad, strawberries and this yummy cream cheese-marshmallow cream dip, little quiches and some yummy orzo pasta.
My favorite thing in the world...holding and watching my lil ones. I just want to cherish every second of Ellie's babyness...because this baby time only lasts months...then they are big and you always miss holding them as babies.

and thankfully we didn't play any of those baby shower games like...guess which candy bar is melted in a diaper to look like poop OR
my "all-time NOT favorite"...guess which flavor baby food this is- yeah, no wonder babies don't like  canned baby food (ok, I did try some organic kind that is actually tasty) each flavor tastes gross.
I'll be happy if I never play one of those games ever again.

sending thoughts of green, grassy, garden backyards and pink lemonade to your day, kandee


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