Monday, August 15, 2011

high heels for babies

 yes, time to start wearing heels is getting earlier and earlier....
now before your baby even learns to walk, she can be "heel-prepping" in her very own pair of baby high heels!
 are these not the most hilarious, or HEELARIOUS things ever!
they are made by HEELARIOUS (awesome name!), and they make different style of high heels, cowgirl boots, that are the cutest, funniest things ever! They are totally soft and puffy and feel like poofy slippers...don't worry they don't have real heels, they are just "stuffed heels"! My sister sent me these, they were my nieces and now Ellie Bellie gets to borrow them.
Cupcake (aka Elyse) had grabbed one of the delicious cookies that I got in mail...and speaking of "heels", you need to see these:
 yes, that is a "zebra print" high heel cookie!!
these are not only the cutest cookies I've ever seen (a crown that says "kandee", a modern candy jar, a cupcake with whimsical dots, a studded purse cookie, so many other cute ones..), they were dangerously delicious. Soooo good, everyone was like, "they cookies are sooooooooooooo good!"
If you wanna ship someone a box full cookies....they come wrapped on acardboard in bubble wrap, then inside cute clear bags with beautiful ribbons. They tasted fresh from the oven...wish I could send everyone one...I am drooling now...
the best part is, Debbie the owner of Debbie's a make-up artist turned cookie baker extraordinaire, you can see her artistry in the cookies now!
Debbie's Cookies
now back to the shoes before I go finish the last of the cookies!
Just look at the case!!! I love it!
You have to go to their website and look at their other shoes and boots- heelarious!!! (the boots with the spurs crack me up...and all I can finish with is... Leopars Print baby high heels! Whaaaaat! I love!

puffy high heels and high heel cookies....all a girl needs....
your kandee


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