Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School Braids

We like braids around here. We like to get creative with braids. I am not that great at French Braids or complicated braided hairstyles.
 Alani helped create this look. She said she likes to push her hair behind her ears, so she wanted me to get the hair-behind-the-ears-effect (meaning hair out of the face area) with our braid design. And this is what we did. Braided the top-side section, braided the two side pieces and connected them all with one rubberband. Voila..inst-back-to-school-braids!
and then we pondered covering all that braid work up with a hat.....
but we ended up just wearing braids.

On a side and random note: I just patted my self on the back because I have been eating my "kale" smoothies, lots of veggies and fruit and seeds and super healthy stuff (I did eat bite of brownies the other night and had a cake pop at a birthday party we went to yesterday)...but tonight I just wanted some chocolate chip cookies or something so badly. And ofcourse when I was at the store I didn't buy anything "goodie-like". So I ate an Aprium (apricot plumb thing) and it was really good and some Acai (amazon palm berry)...and it actually did the "sweet tooth" trick for me. I out-smarted my sweet tooth. SCORE: kandee -1                Sweet-Tooth-craving-chocolate- zero  
And I told my sweet tooth: "you be quiet! You are very immature sometimes, all you want to eat it junk. I will fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, and you're not gonna stop me!"

braided leg hair (just kidding, that would be gross)...kandee the sweet-tooth slayer


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