Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Freedom

this is not the latest trend walking down the sidewalks of Milan...but maybe someday.
After much attempted persuasion, on my part, for Alani to wear the cute, matching grey leggings that went with this top...her "bold" fashion sense and insistence upon wearing the electric green skirt with the pink and teal plaid shirt won...and here you see her walking to the car to leave for Kindergarten!

As I sat for a second thinking, "but we bought all these cute outfits that she will never want to wear now"....I realized that if her little heart loves this neon-ish skirt with a pastel plaid shirt, then her little fashion heart is shining, and who am I to say it doesn't look right. But she felt like a high fashion queen on her outfit.

I remember when Jordan was little, about 6 (and I can't find it anywhere) and he had school pictures. I had an outfit I wanted him to wear for his "fancy" school pictures...but he HAD OTHER PLANS!
HE wanted to wear this polyester shirt with flames on the collar that his older cousin had given him, with a visor and a beaded wooden necklace I had made him.
I look back at that picture now, and rejoice in his little fashion choice, nothing captures his little mind at that time, than to see him beaming from his little outfit he proudly made!

I remember wearing my silly stylings when I was little, my choice to always roll my socks down like donuts around my little legs, or to wear my headbands with side ponytail or to wear to always roll up my sleeves, or wear my white studded cowboy boots or gold snakeskin penny-loafers...I am so glad my mom always allowed me to dress in my own creative way. I think it has helped make me who I am today...someone that is confident, I don't ever care what people think of how I dress, or if they make fun of something I 'm wearing. I am free to dress however I want....if it's crazy leggings, a neon pink tutu, zebra print cowboy boots and a vintage shirt I cut myself with socks on my wrists.....I am free to dress however I want, whatever my little heart desires.

So if you're lil one wants to wear one camouflage shoe and one black slip on sneaker, like my little Blake did today....say "okay sweeetheart, you look great!" And proudly walk with them where ever you go. As my lil Blaker wandered down the sidewalk in his 2 different shoes, I smiles and beamed with his little sense of fashion and his what looked good to his little 2 year old heart!

I love my babies...and all their fashion choices....
hey if you remember Punky Brewster, she was all about nothing matching!
love and fashion freedom, kandee


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