Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Belly & Me in Houston Airport

What do we have here?
We have me....who is feeling really not very good...
sore throat, stuffy nose, ears, eyes and my head hurts...I pretty much feel like..yuck! Not to mention the second I stepped out of the car at the airport I thought I was gonna pass out...(I'm doin' good! ha ha ha)
 Hot water, lemon and my drink of choice.

Yay! Here's my lil' cupcake-belly...Finally I think people can tell I am pregnant and not just growing a big "root" beer belly! (If you didn't know I was preggly, click here to read my official announcement!)

I feel so not good, and am not really looking forward to all the cabin pressure on my already pressurized head! But I'll get to see all my little babies soon! Oh how I miss them!!!!

All I can say, as much positive thinking as I've been trying to have about not being sick.....I feel like poop. I wish I was just all cozy on my couch watching an old movie, with yummy "cold" food and tea, and cozy things. But instead I am typing this at a super tall table at a Sports kinda hamburger place, with lots of carry-on bags all around! ha ha ha ha

I love ya'll (I told you I was bringing "ya'll" back as souvenir with me, I love it! It makes everything sound cute!)...I love Texas too!

Longhorns and hot tea....your kandee and her cupcake


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