Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best FAKE Crepes you've ever had!

What to do with all the left over pancake batter form the "World's Best Pancake Recipe" I just shared with you a few says ago.....
Now I know this is not a REAL crepe recipe...but these will make you the best faux crepes you've ever had!
take your pancake batter from my "World's Best Pancake Recipe"
Add enough milk that the batter becomes a little runny, like the consistency of a milkshake
Get your griddle or pan warmed up
Put about a 1/2 a Tablespoon of butter int he pan each time you pour the batter
(so they are nice and crispy and buttery)
Cook til golden brown (the slower the better)
Then I put a little more butter on top and finish with a dusting 
OR a full on "snow storm" of powdered sugar or real maple syrup

Oh my yum-tastic!
It may not be a crepe stand in paris, but if you close your eyes, you can imagine it right in your kitchen!
My little ones at up 2 plate fulls of my "fake-crepes"!

 and one of my most favorite things in the whole world....little chubby baby hands! Well, my Blaker really isn't a baby, he's my baby...but his little 2 year old hands are my favorite!
He is wearing his cuddly footy pajamas with the dump trucks on them, and a Lighting McQueen (from the movie Cars) race car band-aid!
After Jordan and Alani had both been safely delivered to and Blaker had an afternoon picnic on the bed...we ate pita chips and hummus...well, he really just wanted to scoop the hummus out and feed it to me! ha ha ha ha
So I consumed an entire little tub of hummus so he could feed me! ha ha ha He thought it was hilarious for some reason, and when I was done laughing so hard, I realized I had eaten the whole thing!
He melts my heart and when he wakes up, and I say, "there's my sunshine!"....his whole face lights up....I open my arms and he runs and jumps in my lap...and I tell him how much I love him!
I cherish these days so much...I don't even want to think about him going to school yet...
I love my babies so much... it makes me want to cry sometimes...I pray for them and for me to guide their little hearts and inspire and protect them....
and now I shall wish that I had a perfume that smelled of buttery crepes sizzling in the pan!
huge love and crepe-fakery, kandee


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