Monday, May 16, 2011

Bring Baby to work day (s)!

Me and Baby in Pennsylvania yesterday...
with the best show I've ever worked on...the entire crew and cast of How Do I Look (on the Style channel) is amazing!

Producers got her a baby swing to use and had a crew member set it up yesterday on set. From having the other How Do I Look team, helping us carry baby things and push strollers through the airport...everyone is so amazing!

It looked stormy...but me and baby were so hot. I'm always hot. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for how cold I keep my hotel room, but me and baby are always hot!

Baby is napping and I have to go get ready for today....type more later!!!
huge hugs and lots of love, kandee

if you wanna see a little more from about my day in PA click here:


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