Monday, September 19, 2011

Joan's on 3rd: Our first time in a real "restaurant" high chair!

 Our first time, and when I say "our" know I am speaking on behalf of little Cupcake (who's real name is ofcourse, not Cupcake), in a real restaurant high chair! (We sit on our high chair at home all the time- but out and about this was our first time!)
where: One of my favorite places to eat in LA, Joan's on 3rd. It's fun, you go order at the counter or shop for a baked treat of yummy food in their store, then you can go sit outside and consume all your delish treats!
 she loved it! And I was so excited to be able to eat without holding a bouncing-on-my-lap-baby, while I drop food all over my lap! ha ha ha
the little "animal" face peeking our from the left is Blaker's shirt...we love this shirt! Go muppets!
 we got cupcakes!
me and my courtesy of mom, but you can see her purse dangling from her empty chair! Yummy lunch and hooray for restaurant-high chair success! If only I had remembered our little high chair time.

cupcakes and high chairs..... kandee


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