Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The most popular place to go with your baby in LA!

I love it when she makes this face!

I have discovered the "go to" place when you have a baby in LA-
The Grove -outdoor shopping wonderland...
(at the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax)
it is amazing and you don't even need to buy a thing!
There is music playing- Frank Sinatra style....water shows, a little bridge with fountain statues, cobblestone streets,a little trolley to ride on, and at Christmas time the bring in snow machines and make it snow in LA from the rootops!
It is one of my favorite places to just go walk around.
(lil pumkin' outing number 2 in a highchair...she loves it!)
BUT....I noticed the other day as we ate lunch there...that if you go during the day in the week it is THE SPOT to go if you have a baby.
I saw more moms, gramma's, strollers and babies in slings, carriers, all over the was almost strange to see someone without a baby because there were babies and kids everywhere!
It was great.
 LUNCH: I don't know the name of the Italian place, but it's right next to the water fountains and the kids love to watch the fountain show...the best place to take kids to eat, because they are so busy watching everything going on! If you go- try the Butter Sage Spinach Ravioli- so good my mouth is watering right now.
Blakey sipping his yummy orange juice drink!
Blakey dancing to the music with his balloon...we had tried to have lunch at the American Girl Cafe for Alani, but for reasons unknown to the employees, who informed us that the Cafe was closed... we then went to the above mentioned delicious Italian place, then headed for the Haagen-Dazs ice cream stand.

And saw another 50 or so moms with babies...even a girl pushing her dog in a baby stroller! ha ha ha

your fav baby toting girl named (I will still refer to myself as a girl, even when I'm 97).... kandee


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