Friday, September 23, 2011

Cozy, Comfy, Baby Outing Must Haves

We are big (and when I say "we", I mean lil Miss Cupcake or me and her together)
We sit in high chairs at restaurants- well at least for a little while.
We like things to be comfy and germ free...
So we, okay, back to just saying me...or I
I bought a high chair/ shopping cart cover to keep baby extra cozy and free from  "whatever germs-the-baby-that-sat-there-before-left-behind"...
-It comes with a little pillow and a carrying case...
but we (yep there we go again), like to chew on the little velvety seen above
I was playing around in photoshop and somehow Cupcake's hair got quite Lucille Ball-ish colored...but I'm too exhausted to play around and change it back- yes, I can say that, I am too tired. As a mama of 4, who stays up too late trying to blog and upload photos, and with a baby that wakes up a lot...I am tired. I am very tired. I have rings bigger than anything Kim Kardashian has on her fingers, under my eyes.

Oh by the wayside- if you wanna know just what high chair/ shopping cart cover I have in these here pictures, it's the Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Deluxe Cozy Cart Cover
You can get it here at :
Or I got mine at Babies R Us, here:

But my all-time favorite shopping cart cover is not the Bright Starts one, but they didn't have it at Babies R Us...It is the most padded, comfy, easy to put on, easy to carry, comes with a pouch to hold your keys, wallet, toys, bottles (if you use them), room to stash a clean diaper and wipes too....I actually like it way better for the shopping cart than the Bright Starts one...

It's the Buggy Bagg and it comes in other patterns too! I got a really cool black and cream Toile print one (I don't think they make that print anymore) when I had Alani and used it with Blaker too, until, well, I don't know where it is or where it went. 
I don't think it fits on high chairs...but it's worth it for grocery shopping, cruising through Whole Foods and trips to Target. I got so many compliments on it every time we used it. 
Click here to see them:

I like to have babies as comfy as they can be at all times, whether next to me in a sling or cozy and comfy as we shop for groceries.
Love sharing my fav finds with you guys....
cozy hugs and shopping carts, kandee


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