Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Color Therapy: kitchen things I love

 When we were at the Grove in LA....we went to one of my favorite stores for fun home decor goodies... Anthropologie.
It is whimsy, colorful, vintage, eclectic, flea market looking...and I love it. It always smells like yummy candles inside too. I'm a sucker for anything yummy smelling- candles, perfumes, stores.....
 I love all the colored bowls, plates, glasses...everything. I just want the whole store to be my kitchen!
My favorite are these summer-sky, blue bowls....I own some on other colors...but I loved this color. And I didn't buy one bowl....insert sad face. How I would love to eat ice cream out of the bowls! ha ha
 Look at these delicious, turquoise colored crystal drawer knobs....I just want to buy them so I can, make any dresser or nightstand over by adding these babies!
If's a drawer knob thingy..but a flower that looks kinda like my favorite rose ring! How cute would this be on a white, glossy dresser!?!

Did this get your creative juices flowing? Or at least give your eyes a little "color therapy"? I hope so!
Let's pretend we are going to eat some of our favorite ice cream on my "pretend porch", out of those yummy turquoise bowls...and then maybe we'll sip some homemade strawberry lemonade "we just made"...and swing on my "imaginary hammock"....we're going to have a lovely afternoon together!

I love ya! kandee


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